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Cadillac global sales grow 2.2 percent in January


GM Press Release

Cadillac’s global expansion continued in January, with total sales of 20,625 marking a 2.2 percent increase following the 7.5 percent growth of 2015. Cadillac now enters a period of key product launches which are planned to further accelerate the sales and reinforce the rising stature of the brand.

Cadillac launches the all-new CT6 flagship sedan in the first quarter of 2016, followed closely by the first-ever XT5 luxury crossover which enters the luxury market’s strongest segment.

“Cadillac’s global expansion is building momentum, particularly now as we prepare to launch two all-new products,” said Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen.

“Newcomers to the brand continue to express surprise and delight at the dramatically elevated product substance in the new generation of Cadillac products, resulting in them selecting well-equipped, high-end models. This drives up transaction prices, a powerful proof-point underscoring the rapidly rising prestige of the Cadillac brand.”

In January, Cadillac sales in China rose 16.2 percent, following record high performance in 2015. Sales in Canada and Mexico increased 44.6 percent and 21.2 percent, respectively, in January. The SRX Crossover tallied a 24.1 percent increase in January and the XTS rose 12.8 percent.

According the J.D. Power, the average transaction price of a new Cadillac topped $55,000 in the U.S. in January, highest among full-line luxury brands. Strong demand in the domestic market has driven inventories lower as the brand prepares to launch two new product lines in the first quarter of 2016.

Production of the new CT6 in the historic Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant commences in February, establishing a new top of the Cadillac range. Concurrently, the first-ever XT5 is being prepared for production at a newly commissioned line in Spring Hill, Tenn. The arrival of this sophisticated new crossover entry enables Cadillac to be well positioned to exploit the strong global demand for midsize luxury crossover vehicles.

Cadillac sales in key regions appear in the table below.

  Jan-16 Jan-15 %Change YTD-16 YTD-15 % Change
ATS 3,895 4,131 (5.7) 3,895 4,131 (5.7)
CTS 1,261 1,909 (33.9) 1,261 1,909 (33.9)
ELR 68 96 (29.2) 68 96 (29.2)
Escalade 2,492 3,232 (22.9) 2,492 3,232 (22.9)
SRX 7,876 6,344 24.1 7,876 6,344 24.1
XTS 5,033 4,461 12.8 5,033 4,461 12.8
Others 0 0 0 0
Total 20,625 20,173 2.2 20,625 20,173 2.2
  Jan-16 Jan-15  %Change YTD-16 YTD-15 % Change
United States 10,740 11,680 (8) 10,740 11,680 (8)
China* 8,337 7,177 16.2 8,337 7,177 16.2
Canada 811 561 44.6 811 561 44.6
Middle East 289 396 (27) 289 396 (27)
Mexico 177 146 21.2 177 146 21.2
EU** & Russia 93 79 17.7 93 79 17.7
ROW 178 134 32.8 178 134 32.8
Total 20,625 20,173 2.2 20,625 20,173 2.2



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