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  1. What year XLR do you own?
  2. How can the XLR be improved?
  3. How should automakers respond to rapidly falling fuel prices in the United States?
  4. A Chrysler merger with General Motors will:
  5. How can President-elect Barack Obama best help the auto industry?
  6. What should the Detroit 3 do if they fail to get immediate government aid?
  7. What should the U.S. automotive industry agree to in order to secure federal loans?
  8. Bob Lutz will be best remembered as:
  9. The Obama administration should:
  10. Which Muscle Car Would You Want to Display?
  11. GM's CEO Forced to Step Down: Good Idea?
  12. In the event of GM's bankruptcy, which group would be the biggest loser?
  13. Do you think the changes being made at Chrysler and GM will save the companies?
  14. Will GM's bankruptcy affect your decision to buy one of their cars in the future?
  15. Average age of a Cadillac XLR Owner?
  16. Has GM Restored Your Faith?
  17. What kind of mods have you done to your XLR?
  18. Do CD Players Need to be Saved?
  19. road and track 3/14
  21. Value of XLR increasing
  22. Millage
  23. XLR-V and (some) Corvette brakes from the era...