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  1. Bowling Green GM jobs expand
  2. GM Press: GM's Unprecedented Launch of Six-Speed Transmissions Shifts into High Gear
  3. New Video Section in the Gallery
  4. Cadillac, Corvette and HUMMER European Premières and Improvements in 2008
  5. Statement From Rick Wagoner, Chairman And CEO, General Motors Regarding Energy Bill
  6. GM Celebrates Production Of 500,000th Six-Speed Rear-Wheel-Drive Transmission
  7. Corvette plant’s new manager begins journey
  8. Spy Photos: 2009 Cadillac XLR-V
  9. 2009 XLR Revealed
  10. GM Announces New Products, Capacity Adjustments; Continues Trans. of NA Business
  11. 2009 XLR: More Dramatic Design and Technology for Cadillac's Roadster
  12. GM to Bolster Liquidity by $15 Billion through 2009
  13. 2008 XLR Production Statistics Released
  14. Workers at GM talk of troubles
  15. Pictures in the Forums
  16. Font Size - New Forum Style
  17. General Motors Explores Potential Sale of ACDelco
  18. Elfi Arkus-Duntov has Passed
  19. Corvette Chief Tom Wallace to Retire in November
  20. New VLE
  21. New XLR Production Summary
  22. New Forums Added:
  23. Welcome New Industry Partner: Wind Restrictor
  24. News: Cuts on way for Corvette facility: January layoff, production slowdown planned
  25. XLR and XLR-V Videos
  26. New Product Reviews System
  27. GM Announces Significant Production Cuts for Q1 '09
  28. News: GM will end XLR
  29. BG Assembly Plant Employee Letter Re. XLR Cancellation
  30. News: XLR Rendezvous IV - San Antonio, TX - May 20-24, 2009
  31. Cadillac chief Mark McNabb resigns after 13 months at GM
  32. Any Newark, Delaware area XLR Owners?
  33. Wil Cooksey in Motorcycle accident
  34. 2009 XLR Production Numbers Released
  35. BREAKING: Graham out at Corvette Assembly Plant; Bob Parcell of CAMI in
  36. Knowledgebase Update
  37. 2006 XLR Vehicle Identification Number Listing
  38. Cadillac joins Gilmore Auto Museum
  39. XLRs invited to National Corvette Homecoming
  40. XLR Brick @ NCM
  41. 2004-2009 XLR History & Information
  42. Site Update: New Cadillac Forums Added!
  43. Site Update: New Cadillac XLR Galleries Added
  44. Site Update: New Addition to the Family
  45. Site Update: XLR Net Goes Mobile!
  46. Site Update: Performance Numbers Added for 2004 XLR
  47. Site Update: XLR Net Forums Upgraded
  48. Site Update: XLR Net Has Moved!
  49. Cadillac XLR Registry Status Update
  50. 2013 Cadillac ATS Wins North American Car of The Year Award!
  51. 2014 Cadillac ELR
  52. 2002 Cadillac Cien Concept Photos Added
  53. Official Cadillac XLR Registry and Site Redesign Released!
  54. Homecoming 2013 info
  55. Pop-Up Ads on the XLR Net - PLEASE READ
  56. News: A Cadillac XLR Get Some Bling in China
  57. Video: Cadillac Design: Watches and the XTS
  58. Video: Neon Tiki Tribe Helps NYC 1st Grade Class with Flat Stanley Project
  59. Site Update: 2009 Crystal Red Metallic Cadillac XLR Gallery Added
  60. Site Update: New Gallery Added: 2004 Cadillac XLR - Satin Nickel
  61. XLR Part Auction in support of MTRocket
  62. Site Update: 2007 Cadillac XLR Production Numbers Updated
  63. Welcome to the other side!
  64. Site Update: Supporting Memberships are now available
  65. The Cadillac XLR was no Luxury Corvette?
  66. Cadillac Begins shipping the Cadillac ELR
  67. Attention: 2007 XLR Owners
  68. Site Update: XLR Registry: 2007 Cadillac XLRs Updated
  69. Happy New Year Everyone!
  70. Site Update: Cadillac XLR Amazon Shopping Mall Released
  71. Site Update: XLR Net Gets a New Front End
  72. News: Owners of rare Cadillacs stop in Billings
  73. News: Second-Gen Cadillac XLR Rendered, Not Gonna Happen Too Soon
  74. News: The Cadillac XLR finds its niche in retirement
  75. Site Update: 2006 Cadillac XLR and XLR-V Information
  76. News: Are car enthusiasts a dying breed?
  77. News: Cadillac Could Be Planning a Corvette Z06 Based Halo Car
  78. Va. Beach/Outer Banks XLR Trip May 3-9, 2015
  79. News: Why the stick shift's days may be numbered
  80. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  81. News: GM cuts price on most Cadillac CTS sedans amid weak demand
  82. GM Announces Limited Edition 2016 Crystal White Frost Edition Cadillac V-Series
  83. Important! 2004 - 2009 Cadillac XLR: Service Bulletin: Special Coverage Adjustment – Airbag Light On
  84. Important! Cadillac XLR Net Releases Major Site Upgrade
  85. News: Cadillac XLR: One of the Worst Sports Cars?
  86. Site Update: Cadillac XLR Knowledge Base Updated
  87. Authorities Searching for Cadillac XLR Involved in a Hit and Run in Michigan
  88. Important! ATTENTION: Los Angeles Area Cadillac XLR Owners
  89. Site Update: Cadillac XLR Registry Continues to Grow and Improve
  90. Article: Finding scarce parts can drive up the cost of flipping luxury cars
  91. A Cadillac XLR Makes a Quick Stop in a Dry Cleaners
  92. XLR Net Going Down
  93. Cadillac XLR-V on the assembly line at the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant
  94. Bosch Expands Braking, Rotating Machine And Wiper Blade Product Lines for the Cadillac XLR
  95. Cadillac XLR Owner Gets Trapped in Car After Key FOB Battery Fails
  96. Cadillac XLR Owner Gets Trapped in Car After Key FOB Battery Fails
  97. Trico Expands Line of StrongArm Lift Supports - Includes Cadillac XLR
  98. Another 2005 Cadillac XLR Loses Its Roof
  99. Calling All Cadillac XLR Owners with Roof Delamination Issues
  100. NHTSA Investigates Reports of Cadillac XLR Roof Separation
  101. ATTENTION: All XLR Net Members
  102. Site Update: OFFICIAL XLR Net Gear - Now AVAILABLE!
  103. State of the Union Address - XLR Net - 2020