View Full Version : Next Styling Change for the ATS-V

Wife's XLR
01-26-2018, 11:45 PM
Since I have a 2016 ATS-V Coupe which I leased, I did so because as soon as I saw the pics of the then "new" 2016 ATS-V, I started having visions of what could be improved for this already impressive car. The 3 main things that could be an improvement which would make me turn in my 2016 ATS-V Coupe are as follows:
a V8 option with more horsepower (of course,), an ATS-V convertible (now that would just freakin hot) or a new body style or body modifications/upgrades that change the car's appearance better than it looks now (if that's even possible)!!!
I did some research and all I could find out was that a body style change is possible for 2020. Also a V8 might be possible and get this...a new XLR could be released in the same time period. My thoughts might be a mid engine XLR and XLR-V!!! HOT OR WHAT??? :twist::blue::drool::spin::beerchug::eek::party

I'd really appreciate it anyone else has any more info on these 2 models, please let us know!