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Really strange. All I can think of as an explanation for this occurrence was that the battery at the time had enough juice to send a signal to the ECM to tell it to start the car, but not enough juice to actually do so. As we know, after a period of time a battery will regenerate to a slight degree (maybe not on an XLR), but that the accepted juice from the Power Pack was enough that it 'finally carried out the prior command', i.e., to 'start the car'. But your advice is well taken.
What's even more strange... I had not touched the battery, with the battery pack yet... it turned over and started while I was unlatching the hood. Not sure where the juice even came from. Oh well, everybody ok and now Cindy drives the 05 base to work sometimes... maybe the devil spirits transferred over to the 07 V. (Ref - Amy's comments). Hee hee.
I love my XLR's!