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Hey MYTIME, I am wondering how far you are from the US/CDN border? We are in southern Ontario and use a US post box service in Niagara Falls (as we restore old cars etc) and we drive down to pick things up. If you are not too far from the border this is a great way around that problem. If you are too far then the other alternative is look into a parcel service and arrange to have them forward to you. OR befriend another XLR member from the US and arrange to have shipped to them and they can forward to you?

BTW I love your choice of colour!
In reply to "You can't be a car collector with only one car." That's why I own (4) old cars; (2) -1950 Fords, a 1940 Ford and a 1957 Vette, and my 2005 XLR!!! Does that put me in the "Car Collector catagory???