If you have a "smart phone" Get a "diagnostic program" and a plug to put in the "Diagnostic port" which is located under dash to drivers right of the steering column. Plug in port plug, pair on bluetooth and read the "fault codes." Depending on the program's capabilities, that will let you know the fault codes and clear them to see if they reappear. You can also go to Autozone or the like and they will diagnose it for free.
My car had a :total loss of memory, including stations on the radio and seat positions when the battery went South [dead] nothing was wrong but the computer had faults up the ying yang. Even the operation of the mirrors, due to the loss of saved positions. Started with "ABS failure Service Soon speed limited to 80mph" which cleared up after driving over 25mph. The ABS sensor memory of receiving any input from sensors. Of course no input, the car was parked and had not moved since the computer lost its memory. Given input it and cleared itself. Hope this helps. :-)