Hi XLR owners.

I have seen many of us asking the whys for changing the motor oil each year, if the car has less mileage then required.

When a car is not running very much, the weather get all metal parts some how corroded such as the brakes, the wiring connections and on….

A motor not running often for weeks and months, gets the same effects, then the combustion chambers create carbons, the outside dust gets finally in the pan, the humidity create some acid, the wear of the motors components gets also in the oil....most motors oil pan have a magnet on the draining plug to attract the metal wears particles.

Having all these possible debris within the oil, the surfaces to be lubricated is less efficient, the filter do absorb a portions of them but still get some into the oil.

The life time of a motor depend on a clean oil, it runs smoother and it is more fuel efficiency, no mater the kind of oil is used.

The synthetic oil is recommend on the complex motors like the XLR, because it has more features and components to be lubricated and it resist better on the hi temperature of the motor when asking to produce the maximum of its power. ( Using ordinary oil is not wise )

Finally it is economical to make an oil change, money wise and for the motor lifetime.


Why Changing motor oil.-blanc-png