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    Default Arkansas Mile

    Its been a while since I updated this post. Between working on the bus and attending local car shows, I haven't had much computer time. Oh yeah I forgot about the April road trip to the NoFlyZone Midwest side-by-side 1/2 mile racing event. To make up for it I'll reshare an article I wrote on the inaugural Arkansas Mile event:

    This past weekend was the inaugural running of the Arkansas Mile Top Speed Racing event. From the same folks that bring you the Texas Mile and the Colorado Mile, U.S. Mile Top Speed Racing organization put on a great event this weekend in Blytheville, AR. I got to meet a lot of new people and visit with old racing friends as well. Overall, 110 cars were preregistered for all three days, another 30-40 came for only one or two days. The Caddy Shack was non-existent at this event although there were 5 CTS-V participants. It seemed that Dodge Challengers outnumbered all other models present, but there were actually more Corvettes. The loudest cars participating were of course the few Mustangs. But Iím getting ahead of myself. Let me first talk about the venue, the area, the conditions and then a little about the participants.

    Blythvilleís Arkansas International Airport is no stranger to auto racing. For many years SCCA has hosted local, regional, and national Autocross events here. Why? Large swaths of pristine CONCRETE! And for the standing mile, a very long, level runway made out of the stuff is just the ticket for fast acceleration.

    The U.S. Mile folks setup the standing mile course with the starting line on the North edge of the runway and the finish line just past midway, allowing one of the longest shutdown areas of any Land Speed Racing/Top Speed locations in the country. (When bad things happen at over 200MPH a long shut down area can be a lifesaver) Large open pavillions were setup at the start and finish for spectators viewing with a little shade. The taxiway to the left of the runway was made available for teams/participants to set up their pit areas. Some were as simple as a place to park with maybe a canopy for shade or as extravagant as a mobile shop setup wuth 4 enclosed double decker race haulers and several motorhomes. There was plenty of room for everyone, even my bus. And once setup, we lived there on the taxiway all weekend long. There were three food vendors and of course U. S. Mile merchandise vendors.

    Above is Ashley, the Director of Operations, who is a key figure in all U.S Mile events. She was there before the track opened and came around to several of the paddocks after the track shut down every day to insure every one was happy with the accommodations.

    The Blytheville area is a great location for Top Speed racing. It has one major advantage for me and that is its central location - only 3 1/2 hours from St Louis as apposed to the Texas Mile at 1100 miles from me. Its a former military base so its far enough away from the major metropolitan area that the sounds of high horsepower cars donít disturb the neighbors, but downtown Blytheville is only 10 miles away. The airport is 4 miles off the Interstate and 6 miles from the Super Walmart.

    As mentioned earlier, the participants varied widely. Many drove the cars/trucks/motorcycles they raced to the venue while others towed, trailered, or shipped cars in. one unusual trailer setup caught my eye:

    The most unusual race vehicle was a 1989 Vixen 376TD Lift-top BMW turbo diesel motorhome with a 5 speed transmission. This thing is less than 4 ft tall and 20 ft long, but he was serious about setting a record as the faster of this model - his best trap speed was just over 108MPH. I was impressed cause I know my bus will only do 80... and thatís falling off a cliff.

    Some folks didnít even take their car out of the trailer.

    Others broke their cars on Friday and had to spectate for the rest of the weekend. 6 cars broke Friday; one broke trying to do a burnout prior to the run and burnt up her clutch.Another guy had to have a whole transmission overnited to him Saturday.

    There were lots of fast cars. Of the Mustangs, one did 221MPH. One of the Audiís did 190. One of the Challengers did 189. One of the Caddies did 189. There was one streamliner Corvette that did 235.

    And of course the Texas Mile record holder, M2K Motorsports, waited till Sunday for his first full speed run. They brought their 2500+HP Ford GT. Their record in Texas is 278.2MPH in the standing mile. He made 2 passes in Arkansas. His record.... 280.1 MPH! Unfortunately his second pass blew the motor.

    PJ and I had a good time. We hung out with the "Shake & Bake" team of Challenger drivers on Friday. Saturday we helped a local CTS-V owner fix his car and then went out to the starting line to watch the racers launch into their runs. Sunday we were all over the place. PJ was with Ashley and haggling with the vendors. I was rabbitting from the start to finish line trying to shoot videos of the CTS-Vs and the two cars above.

    I will say one thing about M2K, they really know how to close an event. By 3:30PM everybody else had pretty much started packing up to go home. M2K towed their Ford GT to the start line for one last pass. After 20 min, we realized they were waiting for the strong crosswind to die down. But this also gave everyone plenty of time to congregate at the finish line in anticipation. When they finally made their pass, it seemed normal till 3/4 mile and we could hear him peddle it, then BOOM! Just before the finish, one of the turbo must have let go and we all saw a 20' fireball erupt from the rear of the car. His chute immediately deployed and he got it stopped safely, but thats gotta be the most expensive fireworks to close a show I've seen lately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GizmoQ View Post
    Its been a while since I updated this post..........
    ............. I've seen lately.
    Well then Mr Gizmo..... you never told us how YOU and Snake Bite XLR-V did!!!!
    Hugs, Sandy
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    I tried sending you a PM, but your inbox is full.

    I have a question about cooling the air coming through the supercharger. I read that you have used a higher-flowing intercooler pump and then went with a super chiller. Are those mods used together, or does the super chiller set-up completely replace the water and water pump system? My V is stock, but I plan to add a smaller supercharger pulley and do an intake along with tuning. I was considering using one of the higher-flowing VariMax or upgraded Bosch Heavy Duty pumps, but I am also interested in the super chiller systems as well.

    Also, where would one get an XLR-V tuned? Is there special software that is needed, or should any reputable GM/Caddy tuner be able to do it?

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