Hey all, well this summer is going too fast.

There is a new event occurring here that I am told will be repeated again next year. And one I have decided I no longer want to be part of. My wife's Niece and her daughter were just here from July 14th - July 22nd on Holiday. So three women, and me. I was the fifth wheel as they went shopping (I did not go. Go figure : ) and they did many events that 'they' wanted to do. I was kind of welcomed along to restaurant dinners in the evenings so I could pay, and to expensive tourist attractions (Ex., Royal Gorge and Cog Railway). Ever been in a situation where you felt you were tolerated but no one would really miss you? Not a 'loop' I want to be in again. Then on top of it her niece's daughter left her billfold with her I.D. laying in a changing room at The Gap in Castle Rock Colorado. --- Leaving at 6:00 A.M. from DIA the next morning (for which we got up at 3:00 A.M.) you can imagine what happened with TSA upon discovering the daughter had no identification. Ans., CHAOS. : ) So were their discount tickets used without up-charge as they missed their flight though we were there 2 hours before? Yup! What did they do with the ticket agent with Delta to pull this off? Cried. Big Cocodile Tears. It worked. Go figure? Yet they spent 16 hours in airports as a result and eighteen hours all told before they got to their house in Wisconsin. Oops. Prior to this occurrence they were the most sophisticated haughty professional women one would ever encounter! "American Princesses" all. I sent the billfold this morning 'overnight'. Yes I paid again. But sent it 'requiring a signature'.

So my next years plan? I want to identify Car Events for this time frame wherever they may be in The USA (?) for 2018, 2nd and 3rd weeks of July. Will either cruise to them in The XLR or The Eldorado Convertible. In short, T.J. (Tigger James) our dog and myself are leaving. If there is more than one car event in this time span (two or three?) we will be there! Location? Doesn't matter, although something with pretty terrain would be nice. New England States? Great Lakes? Ocean? --- Any thoughts or suggestions for this time frame for next year?