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  • I hope this finds you well. I am attempting to button up the name tag project. Would you please provide the name(s) as you would like them to appear on your name tags for the Gettysburg Trip. See you in June. Dave
    Thanks for the good wishes, I hope your dad's problems will get figured out soon. It is a bummer when you don't feel up to par. I have had heart problems since I was young as a result of rhuematic fever and scarlet fever. Bypass surgery about eleven years ago. My primary care doctor knew right away what was wrong. I have changed cardiologist, the one that fouled up my meds is a quack.
    Here is a woman that obviously came to her senses and traded UP to an XLR! Glad to have another Tarheel onboard!
    I'm having fun already with the forum. I have the only xlr anywhere near here. It's great to be able to talk to people about them. I've always had corvettes, and most people think I downgraded to this. What an insult! I'll never go back to vettes!
    Welcome to the forum - what a great group of people here. Looking forward to having you join us on some of our "drives" - we have a great time.
    I see you have a black 2005, just like me. I love black (my last 6 cars have been black). Well, enjoy your ride!
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