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  • Dear Sir,

    I'm Feb, just owner in France, XLR 2006 (build 2004) and many problems with hardtop. My car is a maintenance in Jean Charles Auto Paris (older US Car in France) and I have the multiple problem with hardtop.
    - Pump checking = Ok
    - Sensor calibrate = Ok
    - Fluid Pump checking = Ok
    - Sensor Trunk changing = Ok
    - EBM ... Updating = Ok
    - Grease all parts = Ok

    ---- Symptoms :

    On the road, the error message display : "roof don't fix"
    After if I want to open the hardtop in respect to the processing ...
    The trunk lock try to open and nothing but hear pump ... after 1 mn to 3 mn, trunk unlock with shock (as its in tension and go out) and roof process turn but nothing ...

    On the road, with road shock, the error message display certain time...

    If you have a solution ; welcome ! or if you have a XLR Tech and phone support to help french tech. (they have skills but just 2 XLR in maintenance ... 2004).

    Best regards,
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