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    15th year BG plant homecoming reunion Sept 26 - 28 2018

    All Y’all. Do not have my XLR any more however, heard of the reunion from BobW and Crimson Pearl. Plan on making an appearance however not sure how long I will be in town. Chad and Rogene; thank you for taking on this monumental task. Let me know if I can help. New folks; last I heard all...
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    2006 Infrared XLR (Base)

    10K original miles. Garage kept, all service records maintained at Cadillac Dealership to include annual oil changes, etc. Only modification is cold air intake. Intake cover signed at 10th Anniversary Homecoming, Boiling Green Car Show. (original OEM intake conveys) Car is exceptional no...
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    Where to Spring / Summer trip 2016??

    Tim, I hope you did not misunderstand my post. I presumed you were hosting the spring event and, from what I read, had everything under control. I just threw my offer to assist in this thread for those interested in another trip. Having planned and hosted in the past I know what your going...
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    Where to Spring / Summer trip 2016??

    Spring Trip How about this; let's pick an area that we have not seen yet or truly enjoyed in the past. I will be happy to spearhead the trip by making contacts or actual visits to that area and we can move forward. Properly organizing these trips requires a team effort and /or familiarity...
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    Rexster314. Welcome to the second family we share. I am retired LEO from PA. Great bunch of...

    Rexster314. Welcome to the second family we share. I am retired LEO from PA. Great bunch of folks on this site. Great source of tech information; specifically Cadillac Tech and Cubby. Sorry for the delay in responding to your post (10/15) I have been traveling and not on the site that much...
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    Carmel Automobilia 2015

    Thanks Chad, Looking forward to it.
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    Guinness - Welcome Home

    Guinness Commercial: Empty Chair - YouTube
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    Christmas Light Military Salute

    Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im5Svpuj_eU
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    Remember those not home at the holidays.

    Well done... https://www.youtube.com/embed/rx0MRawkrj4
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    Veterans Day 2014

    11 NOV 2014 TO: Veterans who served honorably and those who supported them proudly SUBJECT: 95th Veterans' Day; United State of America Today began as any other. I got up and had my coffee. Watched the news. Did some exercise and began to get ready for the day. It is 0500 hrs. I...
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    News: Bobfest/Mid America Funfest 9/19 - 9/21/14

    I know all y'all will have a great time. Safe Travels. :wave:
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    Puttin' up the Flag

    I put my flag out, and weather permitting, I leave it out and well lit to remind my neighbors that it is more than just a three colored piece of fabric. I fly my flag in respect of all who have served and the family members left behind to keep the home fires burning until they return either...
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    How to remove headlamp assembly?

    FROM GIZMO, I'll jump in here and take this one since I just di exactly the same thing. You must take the front tire off.Remove the front spash guard (4 screws and 3 push pins). Then find the three bolts underneath the headlight. This is the tricky part cause there's actually 6 or 7 bolts under...
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    How to remove headlamp assembly?

    Phrede, this is what was on the other thread. It is demoed on a CTS however I get the impression it is pretty much the same for the XLR Headlight assembly removal? Video is from YOUTUBE
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