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    Default Veterans Day 2014

    11 NOV 2014

    TO: Veterans who served honorably and those who supported them proudly

    SUBJECT: 95th Veterans' Day; United State of America

    Today began as any other. I got up and had my coffee. Watched the news. Did some exercise and began to get ready for the day. It is 0500 hrs. I am retired.

    Yesterday was 10 Nov 2014; the 239th Birthday of the U. S. Marine Corps. I sent my annual greetings to the Marine's I have known for years. At the age of 53, I am a little more melancholy this year. Not sure why. Perhaps it is age, perhaps it is the remembrance of those who have passed either during their service to our great country, or after they returned home. I reflect on the decision(s) that led me to discontinue my service and move back to civilian life. For that reason I have always referred to myself as a 'wanna be' as my military career was short in comparison to many of my friends who served 20 plus years.

    I have never been a big "would'a, could'a, should'a" kind of guy. My life has been defined in terms of black and white decisions. You make the best decision, given your options, and move forward. Do not look back - the challenges lie in front of you. Some folks do not understand this thought process or find it harsh. My time for changing my ways has long since past. I am opinionated, strong willed, quick to defend my position and in general somewhat 'crusty'. I am kind of like curtains: They are a neighbor's problem. I got over the shock of seeing myself naked years ago.

    This morning is 11 NOV 2014. The 95th Veteran's Day since its inception. World War I officially ended with the Treaty of Versailles. Signed on June 28, 1919 in France. However, the fighting had actually ceased seven (7) months earlier when armistice was agreed between the allied nations and Germany on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month; 11 NOV 1918. 11 NOV 1919 was proclaimed as the first commemoration of Armistice day by President WILSON. A day to, "be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service and with gratitude for the victory..." The US Congress officially recognized the holiday on 4 JUN 1926 with an official resolution.

    Over the years and with additional wars; Veterans' Day has come to mean much more than a day of parades to remember those who gave their lives on the battlefield. It has become a day to celebrate, thank and acknowledge the service, duty and sacrifice our military personnel have made in order to protect our freedoms at the behest of the American Government and the Commander in Chief. (By the way when we send our soldiers into battle in order to permit the 'enemy' to give their lives for their country. It is a war not a conflict or a military intervention. Anyone who actually wants to debate that can put on a uniform and join our Soldiers, Marines and Sailors in battle zones while they "intervene" or perform "military advisement" duties.) I have never been the kind of guy who thrives on big celebrations and being in the spotlight. I have also developed a distaste for those who seek out recognition for an accomplishment when the success was not based on their singular effort but due to the performance "above and beyond" by countless others. Sacrifices great and small, under great duress or with the luxury of pre-planning and the 'stars aligning'. Success is defined by the willingness for one or more to perform in the face of adversity to a level that others are not, namely the 'enemy', 'opponent' or "insert your chosen term here".

    With that said: I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the Active Duty and Honorably Discharged Veterans for a job well done. May you be remembered in the spirit in which you served. May you be celebrated for the sacrifices made. May you be treated with the respect and admiration which you have earned. May you live long lives and be able to celebrate a VETERANS' DAY for those of your piers who do not have that luxury.

    And to the family and friends of our VETERANS; thank you for keeping the home lights burning. For writing letters and keeping our VETERANS alive with hopes of coming home to you.

    So on this 95th VETERANS DAY make sure you seek out a VET and thank them for their service. A simple hand shake and those two little words can bring a man, or woman, to their knees; Thank You.

    God Bless each and everyone of you. I am forever in your debt.

    Dave (aka: Hatty)

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    Amen Dave well said!
    Thank you to all who have served to keep our lands and families safe!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    Dan & Wendy
    "05 GRAND DADDY"

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