I found this article about GM's "director of brand and reputation strategy" somewhat scary, and full transcripts of the interview elsewhere on the Internet were no more comforting.

I think XLR owners can definitely connect with the critique of this director that "automotive history has many examples of fine vehicles that were crippled in the marketplace by the very people trying to market them."

As for the strategy director's statement that "I don't use Apple computers because they are the best computers, I use them because Apple is cool. We need to show drivers what the Cadillac lifestyle is all about" - the last time I had a purely cool Cadillac it had multiple design defects, the engine was shot at 65k miles, & I didn't buy another Cadillac for 10 years. If that's the overall direction Cadillac thinks it should go ...

Here's the article (& some of the relevant comments are priceless): Cadillac's Director of Brand & Reputation Strategy: "We Don't Want To Be An Automotive Brand" - The Truth About Cars