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  1. hawkeye372

    Onstar mirror

    I just noticed that my onstar mirror is flashing on and off. Has anyone else noticed it or had this problem
  2. hawkeye372

    Help! Problem site

    The last couple weeks I noticed this message always popping up. This happens when I start a reply or other conversations. I just emailed the support help. But also I usually get notification on this app. I no longer get them and my notification on the iPhone settings is on Sent from...
  3. hawkeye372

    Help! Steering making noise

    I put this in another post under daily chat but after searching more I was able to find this topic area post Ok I think I know the answer to my problem but will ask here anyway. The last couple days I’ve been hearing this low rumble sound when turning the steering wheel. Thinking it’s...
  4. hawkeye372

    Help! Trunk side carpeting liner

    The last couple weeks to a month I've been noticing the carpet in my trunk liner has been bulging up. I've noticed it several months ago. It it's now getting worse. Went to the dealership and asked their advice. The service manager I use said glue but he doesn't see where it'll stick to...
  5. hawkeye372

    shifter cable

    My day has started out so so. My baby has a problem So I pressed Onstar and spoke to a advisor. I told them my problem. Which was I started it up and shifted to drive. Except the car thought I shifted to reverse. So I shifted to reverse. So when I had it in drive the car started...
  6. hawkeye372

    XLR Trip 2016

    I have a suggestion. Maybe southern Georgia to somewhere north Florida? But like fall or winter season. Even though the season in Florida feels like winter and summer (feels like). Like savannah and /or sea island in Georgia or historic Fernandina beach Amelia island- st Augustine -Daytona...
  7. hawkeye372

    florida tropical event

    Well I'm just going to throw this out here and test the waters. I think i posted this in a reply on the Va./outer-banks post. But thought this would be better. So let me get everyone input Especially the "snowbirds". Ive seen posts on the Bowling green 10th anniversary of the xlr and the recent...
  8. hawkeye372

    happy halloween

    Don't know if there is a post about this or not but here is my happy Halloween car decorative pics here is where i ran into a one handed skeleton Happy halloween to all :reddevil
  9. hawkeye372

    Help! panel door trim

    I keep looking at my drivers door panel and it looks very out dated and/or discolored. I have a parts and labor list and it shows the part # (L) 15259343 .8 $451.29. why is it more expensive for the drivers side and not the passengers side? The panel has lost its luster and now has started...
  10. hawkeye372

    Elwood exhaust

    Some of those like the grey one has larger exhaust tips. Boy I bet those out out the sound. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. hawkeye372

    News: Thought of a car show /cruise on historic Route 66

    I was thinking of something last night and thought why not have a cruise or car show somewhere on the historic route 66? For the East coasters and Midwesterners meet somewhere in the joplin -springfield area and the west coasters (if they don't want to join us East coasters/midwesterners) can...
  12. hawkeye372

    under the hood liner

    when i saw GCS_XLR he told me that his 08 didn't have the emblem in the under the hood liner. he also said his didn't have the hood light? So my question is did the make one that didn't have these items? or maybe the previous owner had his removed. :dunno: Andy really looked over our cars and...
  13. hawkeye372

    Help! black foam from ac

    The last couple weeks i have been driving around with the vents turned to the off position. the main reason is that the foam insulation has been breaking down and sticking to the interior parts Like the seats and center console. What a sticky situation especially when its around 90+ with the...
  14. hawkeye372


    Is it just me. But I thought I read on some window sticker somewhere. That our cars had power open close trunk button Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. hawkeye372

    Daytona spring turkey run

    If anyone is interested the car show and swap meet is invading the Daytona racetrack. Daytona Spring Car Show | Daytona Beach Car Shows I'm planning on attending either sat or Sunday. Just as a spectator not showing the car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. hawkeye372

    Trunk rubbing

    This is another eye sore for me. Is it only on the older models or is this a flaw with all of our cars the passengers side tail light when the trunk shuts. It's scraping the edge of the light lens when it closes. Is it because it is out of alignment or is it just because it is so heavy.
  17. hawkeye372

    News: build sheets

    https://store.corvettemuseum.com/services/buildsheet.asp Preserve that Photo Make your favorite Corvette Photo last forever! The NCM Library & Archives is now offering a aerospace grade aluminum plaques, using the lost wax investment casting procedure, or preserve that photo on slate. The...
  18. hawkeye372

    Bowling green

    Tune into velocity channel tonight. @7pm -8pm on friday dec 27th there will be a broadcast from the bowling green plant on t.v the cow is called corvette nation :) Saw this and set the DVR Thought id share it here too ass well as on Facebook
  19. hawkeye372

    News: Ponte Vedra auto show

    In my local paper there was a article for a car show. The date is sept 15th, 2013 at ponte vedra florida. Its a area out by the beaches of jacksonville florida. The area is well known with the golfers. Well the registration is pretty steep at $35. But you can be a spectator for free. Its...
  20. hawkeye372

    leather on door

    I'm here and on FB. But i'm on this site more and more rather then FB. Trying to figure out how much i really want the upgrade v thats down at the drealership here in st augustine. It only has around 8300 miles on her. But the darker wood trim, the v badging and of corse the raised hood...
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