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    For Sale 2006 XLR #46 Registry

    Less than 80k miles always heated garage storage. Includes Pioneer AVH 2440 NEX radio upgrade (front/rear cameras, apple/android auto play) original owners manual, CD service/parts manual, 4 new wheels in boxes, Battery Minder 2000 Series, Wind Blox, signed copy of Cadillac XLR by John...
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    Top and trunk closures

    Top works I took Bernie's suggestion and replaced the gas struts on the trunk (49.78 for 2) and had my local guy install them and lube the top hardware. Everything works fine.
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    Top and trunk closures

    Bernie, I like your suggestion that it may be weak supports. You replaced yours a "simple" and "inexpensive" solution. Two words not often associated with XLR repairs. But, why is it that putting the top down the trunk opens and does its thing? Is there a different system opening the trunk?
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    Top and trunk closures

    After having a new radio installed my trunk opened slowly for a few times and then would not open at all without manual assistance. Suspecting battery power the battery was replaced. No improvement. I put the top down, trunk opened (with out assistance) as programmed and closed. But would...
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    Oil leak survey

    Valve covers and oil pan reseal $1,964. ?? I have owned a bunch of leaky Corvairs over the years and never paid that much to do the covers, pan and reseal the pushrod tubes, pulling the engine myself. How much of this work can be done by the home mechanic? My Cadillac dealer has a service and...
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    Former ride Yenko Corvair Stinger

    Former ride Yenko Corvair Stinger
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    Battery Float Charger

    I have always used float chargers on my cars that were not driven on a regular basis. The last two were Allantes and they really needed to be maintained electrically. Those damn computers don't sleep. I found my XLR on a Sunday afternoon parked inside at a small dealer. He was not open but...
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    This is meant to provide a little humor but more importantly knowledge to newbies like me. I have read, seems like hundreds, of threads gaining insight and confidence in my XLR. Often came across the comment " I indexed my windows" but never seemed to stumble on to the explanation of how that...
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    Something leaking

    Bingo That makes a lot of sense. Drips are red and only a little. Gives me a good place to look next it is on a rack. Thanks! Graham
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    Something leaking

    A little sunshine today in the cloudy northwest so I noticed red dots of liquid on the garage floor just right of XLR's center very near the front. Looks like dripping over a period of time. Feels like transmission fluid but that's in the rear. What could it be. I am taller than six inches...
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    Make mine a Black Cherry Who ever is taking orders for 3D printing a whole XLR, make mine a Black Cherry and while your at it might as well be a V. Graham
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    Any new radio upgrades or bluetooth modifications on the market?

    New radio installed After reading all the posts on radio upgrades I bit the bullet and had a Pioneer AVH-4201NEX installed. I lost HUD for radio info but gained a front and rear camera, android auto, CD/DVD, SD card, Sirius XM, with 7" screen and voice controlled nav with google maps. Cost...
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    Educate me!

    New owner of 06 Raven Black XLR: What is the rectangular black box mounted to the inside of the passenger windshield? Sirius antenna? If so is it easily used for a new Sirius tuner installation? Where are the AM/FM antennae? What is the small (vent?) area on the drivers side A-pillar near...
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    Correcting Registry Entry

    Thanks I appreciate your quick response. Graham
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    Correcting Registry Entry

    I found the previous owners entry for my 06 #33 and changed the ownership to my name. Only to find on the next page #46 listed same owner, same exact mileage. Looking further it was clear from the build date that my car is #46. How do I delete my name from #33?
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    Parking lamp and side marker

    When they get rid of the driver I am gone! The increased automation you illustrate speaks to helping an idiot driver (not you). Cars are to be DRIVIN.
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    Parking lamp and side marker

    Two things I hate smarter than me: Women and Cars Ok with further patience and study I find everything works as designed. Not necessarily as a quick read of the owners manual discloses. An added bonus, however is discovering that running the fog lamps in daylight keeps the dreaded DRL lamps...
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    Parking lamp and side marker

    I am new to XLR ownership and learning. When I start the car the parking lamp and side marker light up. Doesn't seem to be anyway to turn them off. Comments?
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