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  1. suitntie

    Radio settings

    If my memory serves me correctly i believe that each radio preset alows for its own setting i.e. Driver or surround.
  2. suitntie

    Help! 2006 - Trunk won't open

    Worth a shot I cant make any promises but i remember having a similar problem. Try disconnecting the negative battery terminal for a few minutes. Doing so resets most if not all of the electronics. Good luck.
  3. suitntie

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum speedway!!
  4. suitntie

    Wood trim kits

    I just looked at your photos.....nice choice for you windrestrictor.....looks like we have twins. I ordered mine from wooddashman and it was $240.
  5. suitntie

    Wood trim kits

    I'm thinking about either or both exhaust and/or air intake upgrades. The install is really pretty simple but does take a bit of caution. You have to practice the placement a few time for each piece before removing the adhesive film. Once you are comfortable with where it needs to be placed...
  6. suitntie

    Wood trim kits

    Here are some photos...
  7. suitntie

    Goodbye Grandpa

    Now thats funny!!! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
  8. suitntie

    Wood trim kits

    I installed a wood dash kit about a year ago. I purchased my X pre-owned and the only blem on the entire car was a small dent or crease on the center console from something being dropped on it (maybe a cell phone). The easiest way to fix it I figured was with the wood kit. I originally used...
  9. suitntie

    Do you see XLRs??

    There is a new Nike commercial that shows little kids playing sports getting older, playing high school and college and then turning pro that shows a pro driving XLR.
  10. suitntie

    Welcome New Industry Partner: Wind Restrictor

    Great product and great people. I have one and would highly recommend it. It works fantastic for keeping the wind turbulence down in the cabin and looks awesome.
  11. suitntie

    Cool pictures

    Very impressive.
  12. suitntie


    I think it should be called "The Human Test".....if you watch it and don't cry you must not be human. "Powerful" sums it up RA.
  13. suitntie

    I made it over

  14. suitntie

    K&N Air Filter

    Every volant setup I have found is for 2005 and newer and in the mid 300's
  15. suitntie


    Pet Lovers Check out this youtube video. Its one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiGKWoJi5qM if the link doesn't work just search youtube for "lion reunited" If you have not seen this video you are really missing something special.
  16. suitntie

    The New WC - AKA Wives Club

    I wonder if Jerry is hijacking him self off :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
  17. suitntie

    K&N Air Filter

    Thanks Bob, I will look into it and then get the instructions from you.
  18. suitntie

    Double Dose

  19. suitntie

    new guy

    NJ just had its earliest "measurable" snow fall, 1 inch in some parts. We went from top down to full force heat on in mere hours.
  20. suitntie

    K&N Air Filter

    Does anyone know of any tweaks for a non v or would the same apply?
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