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    For Sale 2006 XLR #46 Registry

    Less than 80k miles always heated garage storage. Includes Pioneer AVH 2440 NEX radio upgrade (front/rear cameras, apple/android auto play) original owners manual, CD service/parts manual, 4 new wheels in boxes, Battery Minder 2000 Series, Wind Blox, signed copy of Cadillac XLR by John...
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    Top and trunk closures

    After having a new radio installed my trunk opened slowly for a few times and then would not open at all without manual assistance. Suspecting battery power the battery was replaced. No improvement. I put the top down, trunk opened (with out assistance) as programmed and closed. But would...
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    Battery Float Charger

    I have always used float chargers on my cars that were not driven on a regular basis. The last two were Allantes and they really needed to be maintained electrically. Those damn computers don't sleep. I found my XLR on a Sunday afternoon parked inside at a small dealer. He was not open but...
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    This is meant to provide a little humor but more importantly knowledge to newbies like me. I have read, seems like hundreds, of threads gaining insight and confidence in my XLR. Often came across the comment " I indexed my windows" but never seemed to stumble on to the explanation of how that...
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    Something leaking

    A little sunshine today in the cloudy northwest so I noticed red dots of liquid on the garage floor just right of XLR's center very near the front. Looks like dripping over a period of time. Feels like transmission fluid but that's in the rear. What could it be. I am taller than six inches...
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    Educate me!

    New owner of 06 Raven Black XLR: What is the rectangular black box mounted to the inside of the passenger windshield? Sirius antenna? If so is it easily used for a new Sirius tuner installation? Where are the AM/FM antennae? What is the small (vent?) area on the drivers side A-pillar near...
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    Correcting Registry Entry

    I found the previous owners entry for my 06 #33 and changed the ownership to my name. Only to find on the next page #46 listed same owner, same exact mileage. Looking further it was clear from the build date that my car is #46. How do I delete my name from #33?
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    Parking lamp and side marker

    I am new to XLR ownership and learning. When I start the car the parking lamp and side marker light up. Doesn't seem to be anyway to turn them off. Comments?
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