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  1. rheavn

    For Sale 17k-Mile 2006 Cadillac XLR-V

    17k-Mile 2006 Cadillac XLR-V for sale on BaT Auctions - ending December 31 (Lot #41,281) | Bring a Trailer
  2. rheavn

    Water dripping in cabin

    The wife, sitting in the passenger seat, said water was dripping from behind the glove box. A/C was on in a humid climate. Shut off a/c and dripping stopped. Any one else experienced this???
  3. rheavn

    Floor mats

    When I purchased my X the driver's floor mat was soiled & stained. I found these replacements on EBAY. They feel like better quality than the original mats. They fit perfectly. The ad stated they were a matched Cashmere color. They are not a perfect match. Slightly darker, but I think they...
  4. rheavn

    Manufacturer of xlr roof assembly

    I am trying to help another XLR owner who is looking for some tech support. Does anyone have the web site for the roof assembly manufacturer??? I have read who built the roof, but now can't find it. Search no help.
  5. rheavn

    Rectangular box

    New to ownership & I keep noticing new things. There is a black rectangular box attached to the windshield on the passenger side by the rear view mirror. What is it???
  6. rheavn

    Vehicle flooding

    New to XLR ownership. I have heard of water getting in the trunk area and flooding the roof modules. Not sure if this was just an individual case. If it is an issue to be concerned with, can someone give me a history of this issue? If it is an issue is there a fix? Thanks in...
  7. rheavn

    Checking top hydraulic fluid

    Where is the reservoir located on '09 XLR??? Steve.................. '09 Platinum
  8. rheavn

    '09 XLR

    Just picked up a new to me '09 XLR Platinum. I have admired these cars since I first saw one in '04. Drove it home, which was about 750 miles. Everything seems to work as designed, but I did notice that the temp gauge rises to almost 220 degrees when in bumper to bumper traffic--normally runs...
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