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  1. Deluxe

    Weatherstrip maintenance

    You can get a big tube pretty cheap at a swimming pool supply store... :)
  2. Deluxe

    UAW to Congress: Get a deal done

    Perhaps the union could offer loans from their retirement funds. If they don't think it's a good deal, then it wouldn't be a good deal for the taxpayers either.
  3. Deluxe

    GM CEO, Rick Wagoner: Why GM Deserves Support

    The auto makers are disconnected from their customers. I don't deal with Chevy or Cadillac, instead the face of GM is their dealers. Now our local Cadillac dealer is excellent, but I simply won't return to the dealer who sold me the Vette. For anything. In fact, I have a long list of...
  4. Deluxe

    Happy Birthday Galen!!

    Have a great day... enjoy the cake!
  5. Deluxe

    The cost of GM's death

    There are a lot of assumptions in that article I don't agree with. First, if jobs just disappear, they probably weren't needed to begin with. They are more likely to just move instead. I think the worry about warranty and parts could be overcome by price. Their may be a period of fire sale...
  6. Deluxe

    How can President-elect Barack Obama best help the auto industry?

    No matter how your dollars are scaled, the only thing that reliably and permanently affects living standards is productivity. The more efficient a company or an individual becomes, the higher standard of living they can enjoy.
  7. Deluxe

    How can President-elect Barack Obama best help the auto industry?

    Allow them to reorganize themselves more efficiently through bankruptcy. The airlines do it all the time. A bailout or any thing we do to prop them up will do nothing to force them to improve. Bankruptcy also provides an opportunity to deal with the unions in a realistic way.
  8. Deluxe

    Run Flat Tires????

    Prolly a tire salesman looking for a new market. :rolleyes:
  9. Deluxe

    Run Flat Tires????

    One other factor that is important to me is Murphy. It isn't so much the fact that you may one day get a flat, it's WHERE. I must drive through a couple areas of town where I would not feel comfortable waiting for flat-top. For me, the XLR is a daily driver. I will keep run-flats on it. If...
  10. Deluxe

    Run Flat Tires????

    I purchased the Michelin's on line (Tire Rack I think) and their site also has a local installer search... turned out to be a near-by Firestone store. Same day I ordered them, the Firestone store called and said they were on the way from their local warehouse and could be installed the next...
  11. Deluxe

    Hand Accident

    Hey Bob, That's a tough injury to have, and very sorry to hear it. But do consider the alternatives... you're still typing away! Good luck and don't hesitate to ask for help...plenty here. Frank
  12. Deluxe

    How To Use A Clay Bar

    You can tell when you're done with an area when moving the bar doesn't make any more noise and has very little resistance. When it is removing contaminants it will make a little swishy sound and doesn't move quite as easy. Subtle but easier to tell than it seems.
  13. Deluxe

    Phillies vs Rays

    I love a surprise ending! :D
  14. Deluxe

    Phillies vs Rays

    Well it could be settled tonight. Or not. :rolleyes:
  15. Deluxe

    Dancing Shoes & Cracked Rear Spring

    You might also have a complete alignment done; all four wheels adjust and the rear alignment is as important as the front. It could be a contributing factor (along with the anti-slip rear-end).
  16. Deluxe

    Phillies vs Rays

    One and one so far. Who's going to win this thing? I'm a natural Braves fan, so I generally root for whoever gives them a hard time... go Tampa!
  17. Deluxe

    Practical XLR Care - Washing, Waxing and Storing Your Cadillac XLR

    There is some good general advice in the links above. Current technology as used on the XLR is a base coat of paint with a clear-coat finish. That sounds simple but some of the premium finishes are even more complex with a specific base coat, a primary color (often with suspended reflective...
  18. Deluxe

    Old Forum News

    Well look at all the folks who have shown up here! :love: You may have known me as Caly on the other forum. I left about a year or more ago and I was a mod on that forum. Let me just say, I wouldn't jump too hard on Jerry without knowing all the background. He is a nice and sincere guy...
  19. Deluxe

    How can the XLR be improved?

    I'd prefer blue tooth instead of a built-in cell phone, and a little extra space in the cabin where you could toss a jacket, brief case, camera, hat... just small stuff that otherwise has to be in the way or stowed out of reach.
  20. Deluxe

    2009 XLR Revealed

    I seem to be lacking sheet metal on mine. Guess I'll just live with that. Thanks for the picture.
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