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  1. Grocery-Gtr

    Powdercoated brake calipers

    You stole my call sign. Haha!!!! I go by JettBoyy also JettBoyy at point 92.
  2. Grocery-Gtr

    LED XLR front grille logos

    Has anyone entertained the installation of an LED Cadi logo on the front grille? If so how did you do it or who did you buy it from...
  3. Grocery-Gtr

    Engine start sequence stops midway through start.

    Just got notified by my dealer the the engine stops midway through the the start sequence. I was also told that there was an engine code for the transmission. Not sure if that would have anything to do with it. Has anyone experienced this malfunction?
  4. Grocery-Gtr

    water pillar

    Any chance of getting a picture of what you're talking about....
  5. Grocery-Gtr

    Steering Wheel Project Completed . Finally!!!!!!!

    Good afternoon. Been working on this project now for 5 months. I'm a Formula 1 fanatic. Went to the 2022 Miami Grand Prix in May. So it came to me one morning, bout 2am, how can I design a Formula 1 type steering wheel for XLR. So drew up the idea and bought a donor steering wheel. Found...
  6. Grocery-Gtr

    Battery Tender

    Just means charging time is shorter. You be ah-ight!!!!
  7. Grocery-Gtr

    Color code or title

    Update.. Found a color that is very close, if not dead on, to the switch color. Oreilly's: Dupli-Color Perfect Patch 8GM0493 Dark Bronzemist (76 WA528F) Project will be revealed in time.
  8. Grocery-Gtr

    Color code or title

    No. I'm working on a steering wheel mod. I'll reveal it when it's complete. I did find the Shale paint though from: R & E Paint Supply Phone: 1-888-709-8131 Email: orders@repaintsupply.com Website: repaintsupply.com . Item # Description Qty SEM 17203 SEM 17203, Classic Coat, Shale...
  9. Grocery-Gtr

    Color code or title

    Roger. I actually stayed up late trying to find it and came up with: Shale Metallic 46/WA130B or GM shale WA149B I may have to order both to see which is the closest.
  10. Grocery-Gtr

    Color code or title

    So I'm working a steering wheel project and I'm trying to match the color code or title of the steering wheel volume, cruise and active voice control buttons. Or the color code or title of the cover they are mounted on.
  11. Grocery-Gtr

    Anothrr XLR in the movie sighting.

    Cadillac XLR auto show debut.
  12. Grocery-Gtr

    Anothrr XLR in the movie sighting.

    Yeup!! I see that now....
  13. Grocery-Gtr

    Show Us Your XLR

    Looks good...Love chrome. Just makes the car pop..
  14. Grocery-Gtr

    Been working on this project since February. Finally finished. Maybe!!!!!

    No. Just Googled it. It must be the one that has a little gurgle to the exhaust when it passes me on the highway...
  15. Grocery-Gtr

    Anothrr XLR in the movie sighting.

    So watching Transformers: Age of Extinction. Saw this scene and low n behold, a Cadillac XLR base model shows up...
  16. Grocery-Gtr

    Howdy from the desert SW!

    Dang!!!!!! Welcome and good luck with the project...
  17. Grocery-Gtr


    It is, specially at night. Sylvania has 168B (blue) and 168R (red) LED Bulbs. Bought at Advanced Auto Parts.
  18. Grocery-Gtr

    Just noticed an XLR in the films.

    Hancock, 2008 featuring Will Smith and Charlise Therron as under cover super heroes, is one of my favorite movies. Just noticed there's a scene where Hancock, Charlise and her husband Jason Bateman, pull up to a restaurant for dinner. Low and behold there's a Black Cherry Red Cadillac XLR...
  19. Grocery-Gtr

    Door Courtesy Light Install

    Was looking to replace the door courtesy lights. Pulled the courtesy light bracket and found that the OEM bulb is one unit. Found the replacement bulb {Sylvania 168B (Blue)} for OEM 194 bulb. Then found the replacement 194 bayonet socket (AC Delco GM88860432/ Summit Racing P# ADO-LS130)...
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