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    2005 XLR Parts Car

    Interested in Tan floor mats for my '04. Are they in good shape?
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    Wanted WTB XLR - need advice

    I'd place emphasis on the roof, it can become a money pit! Even if it works, ask for rattles while driving, those can drive you insane because the car isn't loud enough to cover those up. Otherwise I think that condition can vary from car to car. Mine is up to 120k, and has still had less $$ in...
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    Help! WANTED: Driver & Passenger FLOOR MATS

    Sal, Would you mind shooting me some pictures of those black floor mats? Thanks! My email is charles.hicks220@gmail.com if that's better for you.
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    Help! WANTED: Driver & Passenger FLOOR MATS

    Got it - thank you very much! You have the illuminated door sill too, how difficult were those to get in, and where'd you get them? I just started making chrome & LED engine bay covers, and I think they would be a great addition to my XLR.
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    Help! WANTED: Driver & Passenger FLOOR MATS

    Thanks for the picture of the floor mats, glad to know they actually fit! Often they say they're custom fitted, but never do quite right (which is the case with my Custom STS-V). I appreciate the help!
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    Help! WANTED: Driver & Passenger FLOOR MATS

    Thank you! The color is officially "Satin Nickle" which is a stock color, but I've had some clear coat work done as well
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    Help! WANTED: Driver & Passenger FLOOR MATS

    XLR@16 here, I have a 2004 Cadillac XLR (image attached) with a custom interior, but the floor mats are showing serious wear, as they're the only part that wan't redone when the interior was. If anyone has some spare floor mats for both the driver and passenger side, please let me know...
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