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    P0023 - 24 Codes

    Good to know. thanks
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    P0023 - 24 Codes

    I did use an alignment tool as per manual. Cleaned the plugs but I will clean them again and see what happens. (Cleared the code and it hasn’t come back.) Thanks for the reply.
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    Greetings from New Jersey.

    Hey New to this forum but not to XLR’s. Had a black 2004 XLR that I bought used in 2005 with 12,000 miles. It with was totaled after flood damage from hurricane Irene in 2011. Had a bunch of problems to solve, but the worst was the dealing with the computer module located in a “well” on the...
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    P0023 - 24 Codes

    Hi everyone, new to the forum. My 2009 XLR keeps throwing codes P0023 and P0024. Changed the oil and replaced the solenoids. Codes cleared but the returned a few days later. Any ideas? thanks
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