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  1. nvme

    Navigation Disk

    Has anyone found a replacement for a 2008 xlr disk p/n15923893? Ebay has some for $599.00 each-too much for me. Mine is scratched and I had it resurfaced and it still doesn't read, my other DVD works ok. You tube shows a number of ways to remove the scratches but none of them worked, need to...
  2. nvme

    An XLR video I've not seen before ..........

    I read somewhere that all the XLR were hand built. That is what this videc shows, not complete production line-Iguess.
  3. nvme


    Went to change the radio fuse under the passenger side floor board and discovered these are not the standard ATC fusees. Can't find the type in the manual but Amazon has them in: standard size,small and mini. Looks like these are mini but they can also be small. Does anyone know the correct...
  4. nvme

    how many of the 2008 base models were built

    how many of the 2008 base models were biuilt
  5. nvme


  6. nvme


    Try vougetyres.com on the internet. There is a form you can fill out under "contact me" which is an email to them and on it you can choose your location which includes Canada. If not they also have a phone number which you call them, that's what I did and they gave me the Discount Tire...
  7. nvme

    compartment door won't open

    Just to follow up on this problem. I have found the way through many attempt's at this. Last Friday morning I was again looking at it and saw something and made a hook out of a wire clothes hanger and voila. There is a spring under the handle (very hard too see,lay on your back) and you'll see...
  8. nvme


    I recently bought 4 tires 235x50x18" white walls with the gold stripe from Discount Tire here in Las Vegas Nv. I don't know if they are in Canada but you can call them and they will tell you who is the closest dealer to you. Look up Vogue tires on the internet and they'll have a toll free...
  9. nvme


  10. nvme

    compartment door won't open

    What was called a glove box is what I mean. Anyway the lift hand comes all the way up but nothing happens. I tried turning the key to the right and left but still no click-doesn't open. After several attempts the whole lock came out with the key in it. One of the plastic rings around the...
  11. nvme

    '06 wheel centers

    Try Amazon they have 47 pages for all Cadillacs, wheel covers,wheels,lug nuts etc.etc. As far as the GM part number call any Cadillac parts department and tell them what you need and they will say --no longer available or discontined or something like that and ask them for the GM part number. Nick
  12. nvme

    Center Caps

    Hey! for everyone information in case you are still looking for wheel cover cap for all of Cadillac's try Amazon. I just came from there 'cause I'm looking for a 2008 basic xlr cover caps and there are 47 pages of caps, wheels lug nuts etc,etc. I was surprised to find that many , in case...
  13. nvme

    wheel cover cap

    Need one wheel cover cap for 2008 xlr basic, 18" wheel 7 spoke, 6 and 1/2 diameter and the GM #9596991.
  14. nvme

    Vogue tires

    I don't know about hard rubber, may be? My dealer put in 38psi on mine, when I got home they were up to 40psi. What I run in my tires is in the spring and summer I put in 28psi which works up to 30psi when hot. In the fall and winter I put in 30psi and it cools down to 27-28psi. When I do...
  15. nvme

    Vogue tires

    Yesterday Discount Tires called me and said the Vogue tires were in and I went down there and they did installed them, it only took them about 1 hour, very efficient. Anyway they really look great, I'm very happy with them. They cleaned them up and when I got home I cleaned them with dish soap...
  16. nvme

    Vogue tires

    I'm considering on replacing the run flats with Vogue half white wall with a goldline tires 235/50r/18 because my run flats are hard at 30psi and I feel every bump on the road. Does anyone have a opinion on the Vogue tires? I have a 2008 xlr base with 25k miles which is about half worn on the...
  17. nvme

    Hood adjust side to side?

    Hood-side to side space Took your advice and just finished adjusting my hood. It was a little tricky art first, going from side to side, loosing opposite set of bolts,sometimes not enough and sometimes too much, etc. Anyway about 1 hour and a half, now I can do it in 30 minutes, ha ha, I spent...
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