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  1. Golhock

    Glove Box wont open

    2005 XLR Glove box wont open..key goes in and wont turn ..thus glove box not opening..the latch will flip up and back..but glove box wont open.. Any Suggestions?
  2. Golhock

    For Sale For Sale..2005 Black on black XLR

    Hi guys, Time to sell my 2005 Black on Black XLR, I purchased my XLR with intentions of making it what I wanted, it's a bit of a project car. But as they say "Times Change", I have decided to move on from the XLR for various reasons and I'm looking for a new cartaker. I have it listed on...
  3. Golhock

    Help! Key fob 2005 xlr

    Hi guys, Im looking for a second key fob for my 2005 xlr...my keyfob is an original, and it has a key and it is a #1..the number is..M3N65981403 Ive heard that the newer looking key fob is compatible with my 2005.. if it is compatible...Does anyone have an fccid#...or a part number that...
  4. Golhock

    Help! rack n pinion for 2005 XLR

    Hi guys..2005 XLR Looking for help in finding a new rack n pinion, Whats the best brand, remanufactured or New?? Anything I should be on the lookout for that may not be the exact part Im looking for? some have deposit for the core, or if I send in the core they give a lifetime warranty...
  5. Golhock

    Help! front shocks

    Hey guys..anybody have a good source for front shocks..high performance or other wise..for a 2005 Cadillac XLR ..any help with this would be helpful..thank you for reading my post, and roll on!
  6. Golhock

    Left front fender 05 XLR

    Been looking around for a REASONABLE price for a left front driver side fender for my Black 05 xlr....Holy crap..all over the board from scratches cracks..to buying one from GM..brand new... Info about mine..has cracked and missing bottom from previous owner...took to a body shop to repair and...
  7. Golhock

    Help! O5 Xlr (not V). Engine Looked at

    Just purchased 05 Xlr and would like to have an XLR expert look at my engine and Transmission ..I am in the southern california area..Besides dealer..does anyone know of a place to take it to? Thank you for the assistance.
  8. Golhock

    Swap 2005 XLR front bumper 4 XLR-V front bumper

    Where can I find an XLR-V front bumper that will fit my 2005 Black XLR base ..?? I like the look better..and I will be getting an after market Grille for the top and I would like to match a full length grille on the bottom as well..thank you for taking the time to read and glad to help out...
  9. Golhock

    New Owner 2005 XLR

    Good to be part of the Community...Looking forward to feedback and talking shop. Larry
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