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    XLR Wheels and Tires for Sale

    Wheels look great, Chopper Dave Dave, the wheels look great on your XLR. It was nice meeting you. Happy touring in your XLR with the new wheels. Regards, Forrest
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    XLR Wheels and Tires for Sale

    Location of XLR Wheels and Tires I am located in Pullman, WA--about 85 miles south of Spokane.
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    Have pristine 2005 XLR; will pay cash to "trade up" to XLR-V in comparable condition

    I am 2nd owner of a mint condition 2005 XLR (satin nickel, black interior) with 34,500 miles, and I would like to “trade up” to an XLR-V. If you have an XLR-V in comparable condition (40,000 miles max) and would like to get some cash and continue driving a beautiful, like-new XLR, let’s talk...
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    XLR Wheels and Tires for Sale

    These wheels and tires have never been on my 2005 XLR; I amselling them because I now live in Thailand from November through April. Thepolished rims are for a Cadillac XLR (2004-2009). The bolt pattern is 5 X 4.75;rim diameter 18; and rim width 8. The Hankook Winter i-Pike 225/55R 18 studded...
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    WTB, XLR-V wheels

    I Have XLR Wheels for Sale Hi, I have a set of 4 XLR wheels for sale. Photo attached. Please contact me at ajarn_f@yahoo.com. Regards, Forrest
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