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    Wanted Looking 2007-09 Base XLR

    I have an interest in a 2007-09 Base Model.....you can send me pictures, info and price......On hold for now
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    Adaptive Headlights

    I was looking at a 2006 at a dealer in Leesburg Fl online and I noticed in one of their pictures there was a message.....I asked about it and the sales mgr said the adaptive headlights were converted to fixed, and this message would not be fixed or repaired to original for a buyer....what yr...
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    Need Headlight Update

    Can someone give me a headlight replacement update...I have gone thru pages of comments here and do appreciate the efforts to resolve....couple of questions: Has anyone come up with a complete assembly replacement? Are the junkyard prices still 2-5k per side If melting from heat has happened...
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    If So, Why Are The Later Years Better

    I did a search on here but didn't find my answer....I am curious specifically why people say the later yrs are better...Can someone layout the reasons why....I read where the top mechanism is more of an issue in 2004-2005...are there electrical issues or other items to be aware of with the...
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    Tall Person and Price of a 2008

    I am 6ft 2 and I am wondering about legroom and headroom issues.....I live in a rural area so it isn't easy to just walk into some dealership and sit in one....getting ahead of myself ....a guy 7hrs from me wants 25k for a 2008 with 50k miles on it....new tires and battery and he says no marks...
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    Not a New Owner But Thinking About It

    Craig here.....I have owned a 1993 Allante for the past 15 yrs....think I'm ready to move on and I am checking out these Beauty's.....after reading and researching, I think I would be looking at a 2008 or 09 or maybe a 2007....nice site by the way
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