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    Show and tell

    Sorry for the delayed response ... Unfortunately, I'm not online here too often (though I enjoy the website and appreciate all the work it takes to keep this place running). Thanx for your kind (and funny) wordz about my '66. Letz hope I can answer the questions from Bruce (and CONGRATS on...
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    Show and tell

    '66 Corvette Great to see such nice toyz! I've owned this Vette for 22 years now: Hence my name, 427
  3. 427

    News: GM will end XLR

    Excellent philosophy!
  4. 427

    re: Jack Pads

    Many XLR owners are using Corvette jack pads. I have made my own via hockey pucks and screw eyes. You can easily search the forum for more info.
  5. 427

    winter driving

    Strange ... Never saw that before even though last week we hit 15 below.
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    Sorry to hear the XLR is going bye-bye ... Itz such a beautiful vehicle! Unfortunately, I don't see the used car value doing anything but the continued downward spiral it has shown. I'm not convinced people (at this stage of the game) will be willing to pay a premium for a vehicle out of...
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    GM money woes kill hopes of production Converj

    I'd be willing to buy one ... Love the look and concept!
  8. 427

    winter driving

    Excellent choice, Bruce. I'm sure she'll grab well ... That is the car.:chuckle
  9. 427

    winter driving

    These tires are indeed rated for mud & snow. I attempt the snow ... Try to avoid the mud. ;)
  10. 427


    Hummm ... My '06 was doing the same thing. Lookz like there might have been a bad batch roll off the line.
  11. 427

    Side Vents

    All the other MY 2009 changes were good ... But the ventz get two thumbs down.
  12. 427


    Although I have a somewhat critical eye, I can easily see some misalignment in a door and fender. The paint on the hood also appears to be blotchy. If I had not purchased it new, I might have thought there was repair work done previously.
  13. 427

    winter driving

    I share your thoughts on this matter. Fortunately, on a real bad snow day, my work is usually canceled.
  14. 427

    winter driving

    Sorry to disappoint some of you, but my XLR is my winter vehicle. I bought it to enjoy and drive daily ... Just like a few Vettes I've used as daily drivers. In the past, I've even been known to drive my midyear 427 on a nice winter day. Gotta love the free horsepower on a cold morning.:laugh:
  15. 427

    winter driving

    binka- Glad you are doing well ... So far. Don't forget to use the manual tranny mode for better starts. If you leave the selector in 5th, you will start off in 2nd gear and avoid more wheel spin. BTW- What do you think of the dry road handling of the tires?
  16. 427

    Burning audio CD's?

    To burn CD's, I've used Steinberg's WaveLab with great success ... It can even make bad MP3's sound pretty good (as a DVD-Audio too).
  17. 427

    Hand Accident

    Itz great to see your progress and enthusiasm! :bowdown:
  18. 427

    Well, I finally bought one...

    Great newz ... Congratz & good luck!
  19. 427

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    THANX to Rob for all your hard work on this site ... Happy New Year to ALL!!!
  20. 427

    XLR lifting

    I agree ... No need to spend lot$ of money. I use the hockey pucks & screw eyes along with an low profile aluminum jack from Harbor Freight (on sale under $80).
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