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    Decorations for the Garage

    I got a gift recently (to commemorate the addition of a 2015 Jag F-Type Coupe R) which was a metal wall poster of the car, that looks a bit like a blueprint. Really cool, but when I checked the Etsy website they, alas, had only a few 'popular cars'... so I emailed, and Marcos had me send him...
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    New Owner in Phx

    I have been thinking about this car for YEARS! Now part of the collection, and if I can pry my wife out of it, I might get to drive it! Fantastic!:blinzel:
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    Help! Rear Flap On Deck Won't Seat when top is down.

    New owner here! 2005 XLR, top works fine but that middle flap won't lie flat when the top is down; it sits perfect when the top is up making a perfectly flat rear window deck. I hear a 'thunk' when it seats, but it isn't flat and the rubber lip doesn't mate with the trunk lid deck, maybe a 1/2"...
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