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    Coolant temp fluctuation in stop & go traffic

    I was stuck in really bad bumper-to-bumper traffic in the V over the weekend. I spent about 25-30 min creeping along in traffic. Speed was never above 5mph. I noticed my coolant temp started creeping up to the point where the needle was covering the first "2" in the "220" marker on my gauge...
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    XLR-V on Z06 suspension w/ big brakes and 19x10 wheels

    Finally got my car back from the shop! GM goofed and never actually shipped my Z06 springs and sway bars, and it took me 2 weeks to finally speak to a human to get it sorted out. So here's the set-up: - C6 Z06 leaf spring F/R (part# 25909895 & 15233392) - C6 Z06 sway bars F/R (part# 20777536...
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    New owner Alpine White limited edition V

    I've been around here for some time, but I decided it was time to take the plunge. This past Saturday, I picked-up a 2008 XLR-V Alpine White LE. This vehicle has been around the forums for some time - it used to belong to forum member Big Duck. I'd like to thank Big Duck for the smooth and...
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    Not an owner, but wanted to say hello!

    I don't currently own an XLR, but they have recently piqued my interest - the V model, specifically. I joined the forums to learn more about these unique and interesting roadsters. Anyways, I do have a small stable of cars that I enjoy rotating for daily driving. I have a thing for white...
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