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    Radio upgrade

    You can also look in to the USA Spec BT45-VETTE adapter if you have an XM radio in your XLR. It adds Bluetooth streaming and includes a hands free bluetooth mic, works with your stock radio.
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    2009 platinum

    Look in the cubby in the driver's side rear of the trunk under the carpet to see if there is any water line in it. You'll need a flashlight. Probably won't have one, it was a problem on the 04-05-some 06s. If it looks like water sat in the cubby, run away, fast.
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    Tech II Clone

    Clones are fine. They have a copy of the actual GM software on them, they aren't built as well, but you won't use it as much as a dealership would so it will be fine for your limited use. Make sure what you buy comes with the CANDI module and the flash card.
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    Anyone install idatalink on the XLR

    If you're going to sniff the bus for commands to control the amp, you can send test commands through the ODBII port from a Tech 2. Good way to check the commands are the same from the radio. Sending commands on the bus can be dangerous..
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    XLR trunk won't open all the way

    I don't see where you tried to re-index the front windows..
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    Tech 2 Relearn Procedure question

    So you turned the pressure relief valve at the pump, and then used the tool to open the latch at the windshield header? Although none of that matters if the Trunk won't even open. Sometimes the trunk latch won't open, but when that happens you can hear the pump and see the trunk strain against...
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    Tech 2 Relearn Procedure question

    Have you tried the manual procedure to lower your top to make sure it moves freely? Take your time doing it if you never have, the instructions are not that good. Does your trunk even open? If you don't hear the pump, check the fuses. If you do hear the pump, try to manually operate your...
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    Anyone install idatalink on the XLR

    Does it list the 2005 Cadillac SRX? Or the 2005 Corvette? It might work with one of those, the SRX had the Northstar too. Someone else with more knowledge of the ECM could answer better.
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    Hello old friends

    This is an almost 2 year old thread, not surprising it's not working.
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    Gas gauge flips out

    Star-tron is mostly naphtha. It's "secret" additive only makes up .5% of it's volume. Techron has mostly naphtha too, 85%, plus some other "secret" stuff. The maker of Star-Tron makes automotive cleaning supplies, home cleaning supplies and other things. Techron is made by a multi-billion...
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    Isn't it just a resistor?
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    Power Seat

    There is a recall on an under seat connector. They basically wire the cables together permanently. I don't remember what the symptoms where for it, I'm sure if you look around in the recall area or google it you can find the information.
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    Don't know how good it works, but limited lifetime warranty on Delco shocks. More Information for ACDELCO 5801062
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    2009 XLR (Base) - Roof Top Motor FIX - Thermistor Issue

    The only way you get water IN your motor is if the drain hole for the cubby is plugged. I check mine every 6 months, the parts in that cubby are unobtanium for the most part.
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    Help! Tech 2 Recommendations

    I always wondered if these non-tech II computer interface devices could do a top relearn though?
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    The Saga of owning an XLR.

    One of the reasons I overpaid and got a low mileage XLR. If it explodes in a burst of broken stuff now, I got 4 or 5 good years out of it.
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    HUD Dimming not available

    Do you have any HUD display currently? It could be dead.
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    Headlights replacement

    There where 20 times as many DTS Cadillac's made as there were XLRs. That's why they make aftermarket headlights for them and not the XLR..
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    For Sale 2006 XLR V with 18,679 miles

    Why must you sell it? It will do just fine under an outdoor car cover, even in the winter. As long as you don't drive it on the salt covered roads, you will notice very little difference in it's beauty in the spring. One of the advantages of a hard top convertible IMHO. If you can't keep a...
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    Looking for exterior Headlight lens for passager side.

    I think the bigger problem will be attaching it to the light? I have a lens that was falling off a headlight, I contemplated using a UV cured UV stable LOCA glue, and shining the UV light through the headlight bulb opening to get it past the UV coating on the outside. Or possibly even making a...
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