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    Coil pack failure

    My X developed a very modest and occasional slight 'sneeze' or delicate 'cough', while idling waiting at lights. In park there was nothing to notice and when moving, again nothing to notice. However, not right. I plugged in the Tech II and it has a diagnostic function that displays a mis-fire...
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    Latest Satnav technology

    Hello all Well, sooner or later the OEM Satnav will show its age and in my X, it is taking 2-3 mins before it can read the nav DVD, then it mostly works fine but sometimes takes a long time with directions. So, I am considering options to replace the entire unit. What are the best options out...
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    Resetting TPMs - single chirp at start, expecting double chirp

    Hello all I was planning on re-programming the (new) TPMs on my 2004 X but have gotten stuck. I go into Accessory mode fine and press both buttons on the remote. After 3-4 seconds a get a single chirp, I'm expecting a double chirp. So far I haven't managed to get a new sensor recognized...
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    Replace front shocks - query re top plate and electrical connector

    Hello all I've read many (all?) of the posts on changing the shocks and am left with a bunch of small questions, if anyone can oblige: 1/ Where is the electrical connector on the front shocks? 2/ How do you get the top off the shock? Is it necessary to use circlip pliers to squeeze the...
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    Any dealings with OPG?

    'Morning all I note that OPG are carrying XLR parts now (see Cadillac XLR Parts @ OPGI.com) A quick scan over their site suggests that currently they are only carrying GM parts available elsewhere, and judging by their prices, they are not yet the cheapest out there either. Anyways, does...
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    Goop on windshield header/roof seal, failing rubber stop

    This had me puzzled at first. I found a small amount of strange goop in the middle of the roof seal, at the top of the windshield. Not grease, more like paint to remove. Very, very sticky. On the underside of the front of the roof there was more of it. There is no place in the roof it can...
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    Thread form on brake flex hose 2004

    Does anyone know for certain what the thread form is on the nipple connecting the brake line to the flex hose for a 2004 XLR? I have a new Delco flex hose and it will not fit on the nut. I have bought a replacement nipple which states it is 10mm x 1mm and that will not fit into the new flex...
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    Tech-II advice for a 1995 day van distributor set up (off topic)

    Hi all I have been asked to help with setting up the distributor angle on a 1995 GMC (might be Chevy) Day van. It is the design where there is a big disk being used to measure crank (or cam) angle as part of the distributor. I don't know much about it but as I have a Tech-2 I have been asked...
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    Slightly off topic - another no crank cause, failed a/c compressor, what would an XLR do?

    Looking at a vehicle with a no crank condition recently, I was interested to see that the root cause was a seized a/c compressor which had also jammed the clutch closed. As a result the starter was not able to crank the engine, hence the no crank condition. The solution is fix the a/c...
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    Brake Pedal Position Sensor replacement

    I recently had the joy of erratic start and or erratic can't get out of park. Diagnosis is defective brake pedal position sensor. As a clue, while I was starting to investigate I had accessory mode on and the brake lights were flashing on and off slowly. I was standing outside my XLR. So, to...
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    A 'Goo on the carpet' query

    I have never had this happen before. On Tuesday, I noticed a curious tar like mark on an old bit of carpet (not in my XLR). I didn't have the time to investigate properly, but it was a tar like substance, on touching it, it left a black gooey smear, was about 4" long, 1/2" wide and appeared to...
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    Having lurked for some time, I have jioned

    Hello all I have lurked on here for too long and the time has come to join. Having been a member of another XLR list for a good while (ahem), it seems the time is right to join here properly.
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