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    2004 XLR won't start not battery or fuses

    Changing my starter now . What a job. What a drag. Will recommend a hoist. Bill
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    Coil pack failure

    Same here as Mickey stated
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    Help! Shifter Shaft Seal

    Hey OH GREAT ...............................SOMETHING ELSE that can go wrong !!!!! Bill
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    New part needed

    Hey thanks Mickey T. That one comes up as a reman though. doing a Google Serach. They mention a core charge of 45 bucks. Whenever you pay a core charge the unit you are buying is a remanufatured one . A core charge does not come into play when buying a new unit, I have found. Think if I can...
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    New part needed

    Hey Need to replace the starter in the V. What a drag !! Want to buy a new AC Delco one, not a reman. if at all possible. Looked at Rock Auto and some of the typical local parts places and even a GM dealer. No go. Even the GM dealer only lists a reman at over 100 % more than anyone else...
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    Starter replacement on a V

    Yes, I get it ...the starter is under the intake; it's a given. . Was just wondering if removing the S/C was involved as well. The change out on the 4.6 seems rather easy. Bill
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    Starter replacement on a V

    Hey OK so I need to get my starter changed out. Battery was new (Walmart) 07-2019. Had Walmart check it . They have a little meter load tester gizmo they use. It came up perfect. Trust but verify. I had it cheked at a friend's garage (Snap On Battery tester) . It tested very good over...
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    '06 wheel centers

    Hey Have an '06 V . Need the wheel/rim centers, if anyone has a good source for them. Part number ?? My rims are chrome. Previous owner had them chromed, so I'm thinking that I would need the centers which came on an '09. Bill
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    Auto window operation

    Hey, This might get you going .... https://www.smcautoparts.com/RightSide-View-Mirror-Multiple-Color-Options-p/15225053.htm Bill
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    Needs an engine AND has top control issues ?? Are you sure it wouldn't be a better route to try and find a newer model with no major issues ? ? . I sense possible money pit. Bill
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    when should the supercharger engage

    You are correct !! B
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    tail lights

    Had mine repaired by Travis (Vettronics) about a year ago. He does nice work. Very happy with results. Travis - (618)-975-3607
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    tire replacement

    Hey See your local tire dealer, or go online. There are many self help resources there which can assist you with your question and identify the options available. Bill
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    2006 trunk won't close

    Hi Interior button for the trunk and FOB trunk button for the trunk are only for opening the trunk . You close the trunk with the button on the trunk lid lower rear edge, itself. Bill
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    Center Caps

    OK thanks for responding. I'd buy them from you if you would sell them. Let me know. I can do Pay Pal Bill
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    "Engine Hot AC OFF" on DIC. Temp gauge sweeps then stays at pointing to far left.

    Hi Got the message "ENGINE HOT A/C OFF" message today after having driven the V for about ten miles. Tried turning it off and on a couple times. No change. The temp gauge needle at start up does the usual sweep, then parks at the stooped position, pointing to the left. Opened the hood...
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    Hi GREAT for you on the headlight fix!!!! I would like to know please .........what you...

    Hi GREAT for you on the headlight fix!!!! I would like to know please .........what you did regarding the LED lights. Which lights did you replace ? ................the DRL directional lights ?? Yours is a 2006 ?? Mine is a 2006 . Do you have hyper-flash issues now ? Jensen Beach, FL...
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    Power steering fluid type

    Hey What type of power steering fluid does the XLR use? Regular or Synthetic. ?? Bill
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    Had my Top cylinders replaced

    Hey, '06 V here, 77 K on the clock. Just had my top hydraulic cylinders replaced. (all eight) If you live in Florida I can recommend Justin Duthie of Strictly Saab in Melbourne , Florida. Klaus, of Top Hydraulics recommended Justin to me. Was a 150 mile round trip, but well worth it...
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    Center Caps

    Says in my post, "the previous owner had sent them to California for chrome". I have nothing regarding details on it. Bill
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