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    Help! Deck lid

    Problem solved - Valet switch was activated.
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    Help! Deck lid

    Deck lid won't open from any of the three activation devices ( touch pad, interior dash button, top button up/down ) is there a fuse that controls this ? And if so where is located ?
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    Ceramic coatings

    Lately I've been seeing a lot of advertising for ceramic coating. All claiming to be the best. Has anyone tried them and if so which brand - pros & cons. Rayzor
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    I've recently came across advertisement for " Torque Detail " . Has anyone ever used this product and if so, do you think its worth the price ? Plus, is it easy to apply and work with it ? Rayzor:dunno:
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    Help! Retractable front license plate

    Richardyoo, Thanks for the feed back - one point I hadn't considered - I already scrape the front end when pulling out of some service station.
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    Help! Retractable front license plate

    Has anyone installed a retractable frt. plate ass'y ? If so, which one did you choose and why ?
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    Help! Dilemma - What would you do ?

    O.k. I'm in a dilemma - What would you do ? Back in the fall of last year I replaced the rear tires (Pirelli run flat ) after which, only to discover I needed to replace the fronts. As a lot of you already know - the front replacements ( Pirelli run flat 235/45 19 ) are no longer available ...
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    New Michelin shoes!

    I see you went two tire sizes up from the original ( 235/45 19 )front . Has this been a clearance problem ? Any rubbing ? Are your replacement tires " run flat ?"
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    long tall Sally -Thanks for the info. Rayzor
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    This past summer with the temps, rather high while washing my car I noticed a tar like substance on the rear cover where it meets the deck lid. Upon further investigation I noticed that the rubber snuffer had melted. Has anybody experienced this in the past ? Rayzor
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    Tire and Wheel sizes

    The wheels really compliment the car. Are you running "Run Flat" tires ? Rayzor
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    Help! Open exhaust

    I should have stated that the exhaust is to loud in this mode. Whereas, prior to the this situation ( being open full time) my xlr-v ran quiet - until I kicked in the exhaust . I'd like to return it back to its designed feature.
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    Help! Open exhaust

    What do I look for to solve my problem of the vacuum control exhaust ? Both vacuum lines are connected to the actuators and the control arms are free moving . Where to next ??
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    Help! Tires

    I just installed run flat Pirelli on the rear ( 255/40/R19 96w ) purchased through Tire Rack. Upon doing so i decided to change the fronts . Oh, what a awakening - I too have discoverd that after talking to a Pirelli rep . they no longer make that size tire. Now the search begins. I was told...
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    Help! driver's door glass

    window Beard bro's, Thank you for the info - it worked and problem resolved. THANKS. YOUR THE BOMB !! Rayzor
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    Help! Switch in glovebox?

    switch You just caused my computer screen in getting soaked with tears of laughter . I'm still chucling while typing this . GOOD ONE !!!! Rayzor
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    Help! driver's door glass

    window What do you mean by indexing the window ? DO you mean making sure its in the channel ?Or, putting the window up and down a few times ? If so, I've done that several times to no avail.
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    Help! RED Cadillac XLR-V wanted

    2008 XLR-V How handy are you ? Check this site out "Salvagereseller.com" They have a few XLR's for sale. The one that caught my eye was a 2008 XLRV - some water damage. Rayzor
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    Help! driver's door glass

    I took my 2008 XLR-V out of storage yesterday only to discover that the drivers side window won't seat after the door is closed.I'm able to complete the cycle from inside using the power window switch. The passenger side works perfect. What needs to be done to correct this problem ? Rayzor
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    Air Bag light.

    air bag light mickeytee, sorry to say - no - I don't have the number. Rayzor
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