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    The Saga of owning an XLR.

    Two of the best days of my life were those of buying and then selling a red '04 XLR. It was beautiful; a sight to behold, in all of its red glory. It was a good deal, with what seemed to be average mileage; I mean, with just under 90k miles, it was barely "broken in", right? I should have paid...
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    Intermittent stabiltrak activation

    '04 stabiltrac activates for a split second, at random times, causing the car to veer to the left. Each time it does, it is only for a split second; "Stabiltrak" flashes on the Driver's Information screen so quickly that it took me many times to actually see it. Also, the ABS randomly activates...
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    Roof panel separating on an '04

    My roof panel is separating at the front. I thought that I had seen a repair procedure, with the proper adhesive, but cannot find it now that it's needed. I cannot drive the car with the top up or down; with the top stowed, the hinged 'shelf', above, scratches the separated roof panel because...
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    '04 door mirrors malfunctioning

    I've owned this beauty for 16 months, and everyone's threads and posts have been extremely helpful!! I have a growing list of things that have been repaired/replaced; would have been much more difficult without 'ya-all' taking the time and putting forth the effort to get this information written...
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    Problems and questions about an '04.

    This is my 3rd Caddy, having owned 1958 and 1962 models...so you can see I have some catching up to do! I turn my own wrenches, and have done so on all of my vehicles. This forum has been very helpful in becoming familiar with such a beautiful vehicle. Thanks! I have a few problems/questions...
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