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  1. Jetboy

    Montana Spring drive 2013

    Horrible news and I wish a speedy recovery to Rod. I am all in favor of postponing until 2014. thanks to Marvin for letting us know and watching out for Rod.
  2. Jetboy

    2013 Barrett-Jackson Cadillac V

    5000 series lot number means way out of my league. I will try to drool on it for you :laugh:
  3. Jetboy

    Happy Birthday Henry!

    Happy Birthday Professor :party
  4. Jetboy

    Show Us Your XLR

    No, they ham fisted it in the car wash prepping it so they are on the hook for new bumper fillers which it needed anyway. Parts got in last Monday but as of Friday they were not done yet. Would not have wanted to drive it back in the rain today. Hopefully next Saturday. May end up shipping it...
  5. Jetboy

    Show Us Your XLR

    Sweet! Pays to be on Santa's 'Good' list :lol:
  6. Jetboy

    Montana Spring drive 2013

    Well the two of you talked me into it when you were down here so I booked my reservations today. Will be driving the EXT if anyone from the SW needs me to carry luggage. :wave:
  7. Jetboy

    Daily Chat

    I'm going to have to run over and seee the results. did you change the colors?
  8. Jetboy

    Site Bulletin?

    I got it:)
  9. Jetboy

    Daily Chat

    Best wishes. Prayers for both of you!
  10. Jetboy

    The New WC - AKA Wives Club

    Those Bondurant drivers in the Vette's made everyone else look lame. Decided not to take any of the test drives after seeing them. Good to see Ruth and Ray again! We need to keep Orange county in mind. Should not be as overwhelming.
  11. Jetboy

    The Weather Channel

    Robert, What did you think of Barrett-Jackson? Was the club only there for one day? I don't think I saw them Tuesday but then we did not make it to everything. Ran out of drool :laugh:
  12. Jetboy


    OK, I guess I don't get on the forum enough. I missed your Birthday.:( Does that mean you are really not a year older? :laugh: Send some of that rain over this way. I hope you have a great year!!!:rocker:
  13. Jetboy

    The New WC - AKA Wives Club

    And where are the pix of the newest feline family member?
  14. Jetboy


    Sent $100 today. Thanks to the organizers :wave:
  15. Jetboy

    The Weather Channel

    Yes Princess was in the garage. I am on the far north side of town so it had to pass over a few mountain ranges to get to me. Had died down a lot but still a mess the next morning as there were sprinkles mixed in so it was more of a mud storm. My work is down by the airport and it is still...
  16. Jetboy

    The Weather Channel

    Try it for 3 months, July - Sept. Now you know why you see so many zonies in the summer :laugh:
  17. Jetboy

    XLR brick @ the NCM

    I would be interested in joining the group.:worship:
  18. Jetboy

    Daily Chat

    You will like the White Diamond. Agree on the V-6 thing. Is your sister going to take your silver DTS?
  19. Jetboy

    National Corvette Homecoming 7/14-7/16/11

    I got mine but will not be able to attend. Bought a foreclosed townhouse 2 blocks from the Caddy dealer in central Phoenix and will be in the midst of remodel.
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