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  1. CNC

    New Member

    Hey Dan, Hi Hawkeye! How the heck are you? : ) Also, Hi to Hawkeye! : ) Sometime ago you asked about my garage addition project. Actually 2020 has been a heck of a year. Good and bad. Got a lot done, including the new addition turning our 2 car into a four car garage. Served as my own...
  2. CNC

    new owner

    Ditto. : ) Me too. Welcome to The XLR Site.
  3. CNC

    New V owner in DE state

    Hello, and welcome to The Site. My apology for my not welcoming you sooner.
  4. CNC

    New XLR owner with key fob issues

    Welcome to the XLR Site Brialdo! Gee, after reading all of this about the FOB issues, should I have this problem in the future, I think Ill just take it to Red Noland Cadillac in Colorado Springs.
  5. CNC

    Winston Salem NC new to owning an xlr

    Welcome. Please post more info on your car. Ex., color, year, V, mileage etc. (?) and some pictures when you can.
  6. CNC

    Not a New Owner But Thinking About It

    Welcome to The XLR Site. When you find a clean one you won't be disappointed. Bought ours w 29K on the odometer. Now 39K. Did the heat shield in the tunnel under driver's compartment. New Bridgestone run flats. Realigned all the brakes w new pads and non rust rotors (prior owner road the brake...
  7. CNC

    Picking up XLR

    Welcome to The XLR Site. Congratulations on finding a low miles clean one. Sounds like you did really well. Again, welcome!
  8. CNC

    Hi hi

    Welcome To The XLR Site! : ) Welcome aboard. Great cars. Please post some pictures of your car when you are able. Just click on the paper clip and follow the prompts. We also are familiar with "long winters" here. Again, welcome!
  9. CNC


    Great Minds! : ) Hey Hawkeye, Check it out. Great Minds!
  10. CNC

    Code P0174 "System Too Lean"

    Sharing information here. My check engine light kept coming on. Code P0174 "System Too Lean". I searched everywhere and tested everything. There were no vacuum leaks. None! The mass air sensor tested good. O2 sensors (4 ea.) all tested good. Gas cap tested good. Usually what causes a 'too lean...
  11. CNC


    Hoovie's Garage? Yeah, I guess. Kind Of. Ha : ) Here are some pictures of the insulation now on hand for the ceiling. R38 48" long batts. Before the electrician can finish and put in the Two Tube LED Lights (6ea. fixtures) the stand off air batts and the insulation batts must go in. Then the...
  12. CNC


    Garage Addition Progress + Other Stuff Hi Hawkeye, and Hi to Dan, Hope all is well with you Hawkeye and your Mom. Say hi to her for us. We have been really preoccupied this summer with 'The Construction Build' as well as we are having the whole place repainted and a new roof put on. On the...
  13. CNC

    New Member - 2008 XLR

    Welcome to The Site! My belated welcome as I have been absent from here for some time. Oops. :rolleyes: Enjoy!
  14. CNC

    New Member - 2007 XLR

    Welcome Aboard! Love The 'Infrared' color. Just beautiful! Congratulations. Welcome
  15. CNC

    New member - 2005 Silver XLR

    Hope you got this solved? I know I am late to this thread, and I feel your pain (belatedly) regarding the issue you describe. A "bad fuel pump speed control module"? I have been on this forum now for several years, and have never heard of such a thing? No knowledge of a "fuel pump speed control...
  16. CNC

    New member - 2005 Silver XLR

    Welcome to The XLR Site My belated greetings. Welcome aboard.
  17. CNC

    Hello, from Canada

    Welcome to The XLR Site Hello and welcome. Please accept my belated greetings. I have been totally buried this summer with multiple major home construction projects. My Excuse! Hope you find The XLR of your dreams. Great cars!
  18. CNC

    New Member

    Welcome aboard! "Infrared" color is my 2nd favorite one to The "Gold Mist". Go figure? :wave: Welcome to the site!
  19. CNC


    My Belated welcome to The XLR Forum : ) Welcome aboard! My reticence in posting has been due to my on-going major home renovation this summer. Turning our attached two car garage into a four car attached garage with vaulted ceilings so we can ad a four car storage lift. Then it will become a...
  20. CNC

    New member looking for an XLR

    My Belated Welcome to The XLR Group Hello, and welcome. The XLR's are so unusual and different than seeing a Corvette or Mercedes 650 SL, is what tipped me into buying ours. Yes parts can be difficult to come by on occasion. Primarily body parts. But that's part of the rarity in my opinion...
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