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  1. thewheelman


    Hey David, do they have AFS ? I have a 2006 XLR-V which has them standard, wasn't sure if they applied to the base model as well for that year.
  2. thewheelman

    So what other Cadillacs are in your garage?

    In addition to the 2006 XLR-V, I picked this up during COVID lockdown as well...Same color as the X too.
  3. thewheelman

    V addict

    Thank you sir ! I've also had some serious seat time in a variety of exotic machinery, as I install GPS tracking systems for some high profile exotic rental companies in the Northeast Metropolitan NY area. I prefer the power in reserve/reserved aspect of the V series, which was also the reason I...
  4. thewheelman

    Folding Top

    Klaus is the man ! I installed Webasto and Hollandia Sunroofs for years (Now merged into Webasto). I new of Top Hydraulics from that part of the business. When my RR lift cylinder started to weep fluid, I sent him both sides for rebuilds. He charges $ 100/per cylinder, but I recommend the...
  5. thewheelman

    V addict

    I had glanced at more that a few threads since last July, when I purchased my 2006 Light Platinum XLR-V from Florida. Lot's of informative threads and great information from owner's who are well informed and passionate about their rides. I just joined the forum today, so I can pass along some...
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