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    Got rid of my Mag Ride Shocks!

    You were right the back was much easier. The ride has tightened up significantly and still smooth. I used the ZO6 shocks all the way around with the resistors. Onto the next project, transmission fluid and filter change.
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    Elmo’s across the street has some good catfish. Good luck with your XLR!
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    Help! Factory Stereo no sound

    Jts. Looks great! With the new Alpine did you manage to keep your steering wheel controls?
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    Help! Factory Stereo no sound

    I put a new battery in my car and for some reason both fuses to the stereo popped. I replaced the one in the floor board and the stereo lit up and could see the screen and all the buttons; however, no sound. I tried to replace the blown fuse for the amp under the hood and it would pop instantly...
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    Got rid of my Mag Ride Shocks!

    Yes. I only replaced the front 2 shocks in October and all is well. All the mag rides were/are worn out/wet but no light or service indication. She has 93k on her. The zo6 ride is good but not to stiff. I did get a 4 wheel alignment after at the dealer. Hopeful those bypass will last a good...
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    Got rid of my Mag Ride Shocks!

    2005 XLR replaced front shocks with the ZO6 and used a bypass kit off of eBay with no codes or service indicators. Total it cost me about $200 and an afternoon of good times!
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    Help! Gas tank problem

    I have a 2005 and it did the exact same thing to me. It’s was only pulling gas from 1 tank. I used a double shot of that Startron gas treatment in the half tank and it fixed the issue. Good luck!
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    Calling All Cadillac XLR Owners with Roof Delamination Issues

    1. Location - Central TX 2. Model Year of your XLR- 2005 black/black 3. What type of driving in your XLR do you do: year round nice days Top has poofed in the middle and has been reglued.
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    Code P0174 "System Too Lean"

    Great post! I’ve been on the same hunt looking for a vacuum leak. I have P0171 and P0174. The read out from Advanced Auto said the ECM needed to be flashed to new specs. I couldn’t believe it because everyone says these codes are vacuum related. Can’t avoid the dealer on this one. Thanks again!
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    Gas gauge flips out

    I used a double shot of that Startron in the half tank and it fixed the issue. Good luck!
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    Gas gauge flips out

    I’m having the same issue with my ‘05. The car gets to half tank and the gauge crashes to E. Says service fuel system. I also ran out of gas at one point because it appears the fuel is only being pulled from one of the tanks. I’ve tried the Techron as well. I noticed the car is very slow to...
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