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    2008 XLR 17,000 miles For Sale

    Cadillac built this 2008 XLR polished, smooth riding two-seater- flagship. With a very limited production with only 1,150 built in 2008. Meticulously maintained, second owner, always garage kept, never smoked in. It is fully equipped for years of enjoyable grand touring. 4-Wheel Disc Brakes 9...
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    2008 XLR for sale

    I didn't think the day would come, but I need to sell my XLR. She is a 2008 with 16.8k miles. I have installed 2009 XLR NOS wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport, less than 300 miles and I have the originals as well. Both are perfect with no curb rash. Included is a Corsa system, not installed...
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    Interior "Chalking"

    I really don't drive my XLR very much, but recently there has been a "chalky" film on some the the interior leather. Now I keep the car in a dehumidified and keep the air circulating in the garage. In the trunk and interior I keep descant bags. I'm at a loss about this stuff. When I first...
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    Exhaust System Part Numbers

    I was able to find a "previously loved" Corsa system for an amazing price. Once delivered it is almost new I was very fortunate. My question is, what are the part numbers for the bolts attaching the resonator to the catalytic converter and the "gasket" at the same connection? I have looked...
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    Tech 2

    Before I actually need a Tech 2 I plan to purchase one, however there seems to be quite a number on the open market. Could someone give me direction for a past experience, good or bad? Is there a correct part number or is it an order by specific car and what extras are needed for complete...
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    Trunk Bumper Assembly

    When I was taking the car cover out of the trunk I noticed what looks like tar hanging from the bumper assembly. This is my 5th year with the car and this is a first. Has anyone experienced this, is it matter of concern or jest one of those things that needs to be cleaned off? This is...
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    Front Bumper Fascia Adjustment

    I have a 2008 XLR that needs to have the front fascia slightly adjusted. Not having seen any discussion in our forum on the front bumper fascia, I need to adjust mine. In reviewing the shop manual I didn't find a specific section on removing or adjusting the fascia. Would there be anyone with...
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    Help! 2008 XLR V Wheels Needed

    You never know how rare an XLR is until want the change wheels! If anyone has four wheels in "great" shape I'm looking. GM OEM Part Number 9595793
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    Help! Dynapad Installation

    I wanted to understand how much of a difference the utilization of Dynapad can made for our XLR's. I think the car is relatively quite and I would like an XLR member who has preformed this task reaction. I'm thinking of the Dynapad, as it is not adhesive backed would be so much easier to...
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    Help! Corsa for 2008 XLR

    After reviewing the GM Cadillac XLR repair manual the only difference between 2006 & 2008 exhaust system is intermediate pipe hanger PN# 1579005 (2006) and PN# 15784473 / 4 for the (2008). So the CORSA 14156 will fit all XLR's from 2004-08. Am I missing anything else? This is an upgrade I'll...
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    Help! Seat HVAC

    I'm in need of guidance on troubleshooting the seat heat / cooling system. My understanding is the only moving part is the fan so this should be easy.
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    Help! Failed Battery

    The original battery failed very quickly, even with a battery tender installed. I was putting the top up when the battery failed with the panel behind the seats having opened, then I got Low Voltage warning. Are there any special considerations when installing a new battery?
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    Help! Coolant Replacement

    Looks like I've reached the recommended coolant drain/replace point (5 years). I've done this sort of thing before on numerous other cars. But before I drag the big ramps, I'll ask if there is anything XLR-specific I might want to know. In particular, will there be any issues getting to or...
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    Help! Transaxle fluid replacement

    I'm planning spring maintenances starting with the transaxle. Without the complete manual can someone enlighten me on the procedure to drain and replace the fluid? I have the capability of figuring the procedure out myself but this forum is a wealth of information and plan to utilize best...
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    Help! Front LED / HID Bulb Retrofit

    I’m considering replacing the “Daytime Running Lights” withdual color LED & the “Fog Lamps” with HID has anyone experienced thisretrofit also what are the potential problems and advice. Making the entire front lighting system consistent,I think, will enhance the appearance.
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    MP3 / iPod

    On my 2008 X I don't recall a connector for an iPod, so how have others accomplished this electrical feat? I'm not totally sold on Sirus or keeping a stack of CD's
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    Help! Clean & Preserve

    I’m planning on spending a week going over my X and I’m looking for advice or guidance on cleaning & preserving the underside of this fantastic automobile. My X is a 2008 with 14,000 miles that I think was driven by a smaller person, from the automatic seats, and was not driven in the rain as...
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