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  1. onalaska

    Mid Ohio Race - Sure wish it was closer to home

    <tbody> <tbody> Be a part of Cadillac's renaissance in prototype endurance racing by joining us at the Cadillac V-Performance Car Corral during the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Showdown. </tbody> <tbody> Your exclusive three-day Cadillac V-Performance Racing experience includes: • One (1)...
  2. onalaska

    Houston Allante-XLR Covey Trails Airport Run March 3, 2018

    Texas Allante-XLR Aficionados - SAVE THE DATE Saturday, March 3rd, for our First Annual Covey Trails Airport Run near Fulshear, Texas. This southwesterly drive will begin at the Covey Trails Airport, at the home of Rudy & Nancy King, just off FM 1093 (past Westheimer Rd.), at 48 East Kitty...
  3. onalaska

    Top Rubber Bumper Melted

    I was cleaning the top and found another melted rubber bumper. This one is behind the seats under the tonneau cover and only visible when the top is stopped midway in it's travel. It looks like it may hold the top in place when it is lowered. No idea what the part number is for this one. I've...
  4. onalaska

    Houston Coffee & Cars returning - just announced on Facebook

    Coffee and Cars returns June 4th from 8-10am, back to its original schedule. Location and more details coming soon! This event represents a lot of hard work and we ask everyone to appreciate that and respect the rules or the event will come to an end. Please visit the official event page where...
  5. onalaska

    Houston Texas Allante / XLR group bluebonnet drive

    Two Allantes and one XLR attended and we had a great time Sunday driving out US290 to Chappell Hill for the bluebonnet festival and then on to Roundtop for a stop before returning home. We didn't see as many bluebonnets (or Allantes) as in the past, but did get some pictures.
  6. onalaska

    Houston Texas Allante / XLR group monthly meeting

    The local Houston Allante group is welcoming XLR owners to join in on their activities. Dear Texas Allante Aficionados - Our 3rd coffee meeting for 2016 is this Sunday morning at 10:30am, March 13th at Café Express on Post Oak @ Loop 610-West in Uptown Houston. For complete 2016 meeting...
  7. onalaska

    Pirelli World Challenge Event at Circuit of the Americas 2016 on 03/03/2016

    Tickets on the way, looks like good weather, can't wait! THIS IS YOUR VIP INVITATION TO THE CADILLAC V-SERIES CAR CORRAL AT THE CIRCUIT OF THE AMERICAS. Experience Team Cadillac race towards a World Challenge GT Championship in Austin. Friday, March 4th - Sunday, March 6th CADILLAC...
  8. onalaska

    New Intercooler Pump

    After sitting in traffic on a hot day I noticed that the acceleration of my V seemed sluggish and slower than normal. I traced the problem to the intercooler pump not running and properly cooling the air entering the engine from the supercharger. After moving the connector around on the back...
  9. onalaska

    Engine hot - A/C off

    Left the house and got this message in the DIC about 5 miles down the road. Checked the gauges and the temp was on the left peg showing no temp at all. The engine fan running at high speed, but the radiator hose had no pressure on it at all and the engine was not hot. Checked the engine temp...
  10. onalaska

    Driving to the XLR Homecoming 2013

    Anyone driving up from Texas that is interested in meeting up somewhere along the way?
  11. onalaska

    Track Guys Performance Driving Event - Texas World Speedway April 6-7 2013

    Track Guys just announced the upcoming dates for their 2013 performance driving events. Diane & I had a great time at the track earlier this year and plan on going back next year. Here is the link to more info and the upcoming calendar of events. TrackGuys | Performance Driving Events Steven
  12. onalaska

    2012 Texas Mile - Beeville, Tx 26-28 Oct.

    I thought I would start a thread for the Fall event after Gizmo's post and great pictures on the Spring event. This looks like a lot of weekend fun. TEXAS MILE // OFFICIAL SITE // 3 DAYS, 1 MILE: NO SPEED LIMIT Will see if I can hit the speed limiter in the XLR at 155 MPH? I made hotel...
  13. onalaska

    Texas Motor Speedway - Track Guys Event Spring 2012

    Texas World Speedway - Track Guys Event Spring 2012 Diane & I spent today at the track with the XLR. We attended the classroom instruction and then did a test drive with the XLR. We both got 4-5 times around the track with an instructor. A lot of fun and perfect weather.
  14. onalaska

    I Have One

    Almost 150,000 miles, transmission going, lost 3rd gear, but it still runs and drives. In fact, I drove it 200 miles to Galveston and back last Friday and had a blast. Look forward to everytime I have the opportunity to get it out of the garage. Definately a different machine from the XLR.
  15. onalaska

    Bondurant School of High Performance Driving

    Hi All, I did it today. Signed up for a two day course in a Z06! Corvette Z06 experience. Z06 Experience | Bondurant.com Had a taste at Road Atlanta in a CTS V so this should be a blast.
  16. onalaska

    Cadillac V-Series Preformance Lab - Road Atlanta

    I just received an e-mail invitation to attend this half day event at Road Atlanta. They are offering it twice per day on Friday Oct 14th through Sunday Oct 16th. Check out their website: www.cadillacvserieslab.com Already signed up for Saturday AM session. Following info: V-SERIES PERFORMANCE...
  17. onalaska

    Window Sticker

    I am trying to get a window sticker reproduction for my 2006 XLR-V as I did not get the original when I bought it. I found someone that can recreate window stickers for the XLR, but they do not have an example of the XLR-V sticker so they can incorporate any differences. Would someone have an...
  18. onalaska

    Houston Meet - March 6th Uptown Park

    We will be attending this event on March 6th along with members of the local Allante' club. I haven't been to one yet, but I hear there is a good turn out with a huge variety of exotic cars. Check out the website: www.houstoncoffeeandcars.com If anyone else can make it let us know, we would...
  19. onalaska

    Folding Top Fluid

    I noticed that the fluid level is below the minimum line on the pump and it makes some noise at the end of it's cycle. I found GM p/n 89022748 for the fluid and a container (not sure what size) lists for about $72. Does anyone know what this fluid is? Standard hydraluic fluid? Should I buy a...
  20. onalaska

    Bowling Green Tuesday

    Hi everyone, we are off to Bowling Green for a plant tour and the Corvette museum on Tuesday as part of our trip to the East coast. I have been reading on the forum about previous trips there and also to the Biltmore in Asheville where we will be going after the East coast and the information...
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