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    Interior Mod Pictures

    I guess that´s one way to rape the car.:D The Targa conversion looks nice.
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    Northstar Performance

    Has anyone else had problems with Northstar Performance? I ordered a stage 3 performance PCM with core on 25th September. I haven´t heard anything form them since. I sent them a couple of emails, no answer. I tried to contact the owner on Linkedin, no answer.
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    LED Replacement for DRL Turn Signals in Cadillac XLR - No Resistors - Replace or modify relay instead?

    Hi, I have these in my 2006 base. They work fine and don`t run hot. Except the resistor, but you can easily install it away in to the "bay" near the lights. these are for European models with clear drl´s and amber turn signals...
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    Tech II Scanner For Sale $350

    Hi, do you still have it? If so, I`m interested to buy. Antsu
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    Hello from Belgium

    As you can see the car is now in original black. I had to strip the PlastiDip out because it was getting old.
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    Hello from Belgium

    Finally got the "time" to take some pictures:D
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    Service steering column lock

    Great that you got your XLR working!:)
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    Service steering column lock

    I don't think so. At least I haven't seen one.
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    Service steering column lock

    Yes, it´s a bypass module. It overrides the original program but still allows the column lock to work. At least in Finland steering column lock is mandatory and you won´t pass your mot if it does not work. Antsu
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    2020 of 21 CADILLAC XLR

    Nice looking thing. The price sounds a bit high at least for Europe. For that money you can buy a car that you can actually drive:lol:
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    Service steering column lock

    Hi. This might be too late for you. I had the same issue with my 2006 XLR european export model.There is an original GM module that is not a direct "bolt on" but fairly easy to install (it took my local garage about 2 hours to install) Antsu
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    Hello from Belgium

    I think there are 6 XLR´s in Finland, so most people don´t even know what the hell it is:chuckle Unfortunately out of those six, three are in 60 MI radius from my home. But yes it draws a crowd. Still trying to get the time to take some photos of mine..... Antsu
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    Hello from Belgium

    Vanity plates in Finland costs 1000,- Euros :thumbsup, the insurance and registration+taxes are around 2000,- / year. And Yes, the gasoline costs around the same than in Belgium:lol:
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    Hello from Belgium

    Hi, still haven´t found the time to take some pictures. When I came to get the car, I flew to Brussels via Amsterdam and took a train from there to Mons. Going back, I drove the car to Travemunde via Cologne ( not the fastest way, but me and wife had a small vacation there). From Travemunde we...
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    Hello from Belgium

    Hi, J-L I´ll try to find some pictures of the car in Finnish landscape. The annual cost of driving my car here in Finland is pretty close to your 2400,- . Around 1600,- and I had to pay around 7000,- automobile tax just to get it registered here:) I actually came to Belgium to look a Maserati...
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    Hello from Belgium

    XLR belgium HI Jean-Luc The XLR`s in Belgium are at least far cheaper than in Finland. I actually bought mine from Mons at May 2016:) Now it´s sitting in the garage waiting for the next (hopefully sunny) summer. Antsu
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    how old are you :)

    old:D 49, 2006 matt black base, with 32.000 miles.
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