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    2007 V shock absorber question

    Hi.. I noticed that shock absorber kits for XLR and XLR-V are quite complicated in terms of different years and different trims.. When I was trying to collect good deals on them I bought the rear passenger side shock (580-345) which is (88967434) which was replaced by (19302794). this is the...
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    Help! Overheating

    Hi guys.. last winter I had a message about (overheating turn off AC).. so I took my XLR-V to my mechanic and we replaced the thermostat and the sensor.. everything went well.. but now the temperature exceeds the half and sometimes it reaches 3 quarter then it starts to go down to just under...
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    New Member from Saudi Arabia!!

    Hi guys, this is Rakan from Saudi Arabia.. I'm very excited to start sharing thoughts and to discuss about XLRs.. I own a 2007 XLR-V.. actually I always thought it is red jewel but from your forum I'm thinking now it is infrared :D I live in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. the Saudi...
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