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For Sale 2006 w/ 32,420 miles / $34,500

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Mar 2, 2022
Medina, Ohio
My XLR/V(s)
Family illness regretfully forces sale. Love the car and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The engine light came on once, but I had it professionally diagnosed and nothing was found. The engine light went out shortly thereafter and and never returned. I know of nothing incorrect or flawed except a speaker grill located on the window side of passenger seat. Custom chrome wheels and window tint. A real jewel! VIN 1G6YV36A965600052


  • XLR left top down.jpg
    XLR left top down.jpg
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  • XLR right top down.jpg
    XLR right top down.jpg
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  • XLR Drivrside.jpg
    XLR Drivrside.jpg
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  • XLR Right front.jpg
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  • XLR passgr seats.jpg
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  • XLR odometer.jpg
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  • XLR rfront topdown.jpg
    XLR rfront topdown.jpg
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