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For Sale $8800 2005 XLR Lambo doors project car.

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Nov 10, 2017
Mobile, AL
My XLR/V(s)
2 x 2005 XLR's Satin Nickel
This is a project car and I have too many other projects. It runs and drives. It has Lambo doors and I have hinges to make the doors regular doors. The top was working but it is not working at this time due to the cylinder behind the seat started leaking. Top can be lowered manually. Driver seat has a tear in it as you can see in the picture it can be repaired or replaced. You can also see where the door jams have rubbed due to the Lambo doors. Needs some minor body work. Front fenders are loose under the bottom. I also have some touch up paint for it. It also comes with a tech 2 scanner and a 7000+ page Digital Flash drive service manual. Suspension and folding top module were purchased new in 2017 connection on the suspension module is a little loose and causes problems sometimes and the car won’t Start. Tail lights rebuilt in 2017. I can move the wires around and then the car will start. Do not want to part this car out. Pictures were taken Friday, July 17, 2020 with the exception of the one with the top down which was taken earlier. If you cannot work on vehicles you should not buy this one because doing it yourself it’s reasonable but to pay someone to do it would be very expensive unless you have a good friend. Mileage is 122k. I will sell it for $8800. And if you need me too I will deliver it for $1 a mile paid in advance. 251-599-4676


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