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Help! Factory Stereo no sound


Feb 14, 2021
Riverview, Florida
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2006 Cadillac XLR - Base
Hello all, I hope someone out there can help me out with a situation that I unfortunately brought on myself.
I just purchased a very clean 2006 XLR with factory stereo that has the bose amp. The stereo worked fine with exception of a "cd error".
I took the unit out, separated and disassembled the cd player thinking (hoping) there were cd's jambed causing the error which would have been a simple fix. Not the case, the drawers were misaligned so I manually aligned them on the work bench and thought maybe that would fix it. Here's where I messed up, instead of reassembling the entire unit, I left it half assembled, plugged it all back in to see if it worked and the cd played circuit board touched the metal case, smoke a little and blew the radio fuse. Uhhhg, my stomache dropped. At this point I reassembled it fully and reinstalled it and replaced the fuse. So now the radio comes on with all functions ie AM - FM - XM etc but I have no sound. I am hoping there is a separate fuse for the bose amp but cannot find one and I do have power going to the amp. I think I fried the radio. Just going out on a limb to see if just maybe someone else has done the same thing and or a possible fix. I wouldn't be opposed to putting an aftermarket stereo in but would be confused due to the bose amp. Any thought's would be appreciated.


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Apr 18, 2018
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2008 Crystal Red XLR-V
You (probably) fried the cd changer, not the radio. All the audio signals pass through the cd changer that acts as the source selector. Your steering wheel buttons probably don’t work either because they manipulate the cd changer. You may be able to jumper across some pins on the changer cable connector so the radio plays again. I’m not at my desk, so I’ll have to get back with more info later.

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