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Wanted FE2 Shocks

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Dec 29, 2017
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Looking for a pair of rear & front new FE2 Shocks (Magnetic Ride)
I think its because of the pandemic shortages probably will be available again in 2023 hopefully.
Many of the vendors n ebay dont have them. They just list numbers and then order them. Only a couple of part numbers are still available from gm. What number did you get and how much? Rock auto is almost always cheaoer and they keep the part numbers you can get very up to date
As of this moment, -all- showing in stock at RockAuto.
Typically the best price and here, have a discount code for another 5% off.


Done! :thumbsup
Well i highly doubt that "all" are in stock. heres about 12-15 numbers to cover the fronts and rear left and right and v and non v cars. If you see them in stock you better buy them quick as i was told and know for a fact ac delco makes them and has dropped all numbers except one and wont be making any more of those. Ive ordered about 5000$ worth in the last 2 weeks and gotten my money back on every number ordered except 04-05 front and a few rears . heres my quick sheet with numbers. Maybe someone else has other numbers. You have to be careful with carid as they make up their own numbers instead of posting factory numbers.they will show an application that many times is incorrect when you get the part and see the actual numbers.


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Morning Gents!
First off, you are welcome! :) Buy enough shtuff from RockAuto and they tempt you with that code and welcome you to pass it along to everyone - so I do.

By -all- I actually meant for the '06 model. Referring to the original post (11 months ago), the rear shocks weren't available and now they are. Sorry for any confusion with that though on the bright side, it does mean they're still someone somewhere, willing and able to make 'something'.

Hope it all goes together well!

Gord :thumbsup
Glad you where able to get them. Looks like the wiring may have kept them from selling so now they listed without the wiring. i confused this posting with another who was looking for V shocks.
You can buy an oil filter from Rock Auto and they'll give you a code for 5% off. All you have to do is create an account with them (it's free, takes one minute) and you'll always have one in your "account activity" tab. It'll also maintain a record of your orders so you can print them out and keep them in a hard file, etc.

John B.

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