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Gas tanks


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Dec 8, 2008
Evansville Indiana
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I have read about fuel tank leaks. I havn't had any. I was just reading a boating magizine artical about fuel tank leaks. It tested fibergalss tanks with e10 gas. Apperently the ethenol, even in small doses delamanates the fiberglass and causes leaks. There is even a class action law suite. My question is. Are our tanks made of fiberglass or some other material suitable for use with ethenol?
The fuel tanks are molded from high density polyethylene. XLRs are not designed to use Ethanol like E85.

Bruce :D

Seems most pumps these days say ten percent ethanol, I guess that's OK? If so, what percentage is unhealthy?

Floyd (BB)
Gasoline should contain no more than 10% Ethanol in a non FlexFuel vehicle.

Bruce :)

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