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Apr 10, 2009
My XLR/V(s)
2004 XLR
I have an 04 XLR and I bought a FOB online. The numbers are the same on my old FOB and the new one, 10347463, FCC ID: M3N65981401, IC: 267F-65981401 and the #1. The only difference is my old FOB is a GM/S and my new one is a GM/X. Anyway, I can't get the GM/X FOB (the new one) to program using the instructions in my owner's manual. The DIC reads something like, "ready for FOB #3, but when I put the GM/X FOB in the slot in the glove box, nothing happens. After about 5 mins, the DIC display jsut goes blank. Of course, the new FOB still doesn't work. I did use new batteries and tested them in my old FOB accordingly.

Do I need to send the GM/X FOB back to the vendor and specifically request a GM/S??
Maybe. I also have an 04 and bought an extra fob online when I got the car. I was also unable to program it myself. I then brought the new fob to the dealer and asked them to program it. They couldn't do it - they wound up replacing the keyless entry "brains" and giving me 2 new fobs.

Maybe the "X" and "S" have something to do with the original brains versus the replacement brains for an 04. I'll look at mine and report later.

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